Yeast free spinach piadina

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Spinach is a miracle green that gives your skin a healthy glow, lowers blood pressure, fights cancer, improves vision and heart health, boosts immunity and energy. Tell you the truth, this time, I didn’t make it by myself. My sister-in-law made it for me and I told her that “It’s very delicious, do you mind if I want to share it in my blog?” And her answer is “Yes”!, Well delicious thing will be great when you’re sharing, right?

Let’s start with the ingredients for 4 piadinas:

300 grams of flour 00 100 grams of spinach leaves 100 grams of fresh milk or rice milk 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1/2 tablespoon of salt


Blend spinach with milk first until smooth. Second, take the flour and put it in a bowl. Pour the creamed spinach into the bowl, add salt and whisk until smooth. Slowly add olive oil and whisk in. Once you have incorporated all the ingredients, sprinkle some extra flour and knead the dough. You will probably have to put some flour on your hands so it doesn’t stick. You should work the dough for quite a few minutes with your hands. Let it rest for 10 minuts. After the dough has rested, cut the dough piece into four. Sprinkle more flour onto your working surface. Place one dough ball on the surface and roll it out into a circular shape with the rolling pin. Roll out the remaining dough balls so they are all the same size. Rub a thin layer of flour on top of each piadina so they don’t stick together.
Heat up a skillet to medium heat. Cook the padinas one at a time for 40 seconds on each side. Stuff it with cauliflower or potato filling (find the filling recipes in my book). If you are looking for gluten-free flatbreads, find gluten-free, yeast-free flatbread recipes in my book. More flat breads from the blog:
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