HOW TO APPLY PONYTAIL EXTENSIONS A ponytail hair extension can add versatility to your hairstyles. Most “ponys” are attached to your hair with two or more clip-in combs and may include a hidden drawstring for added security. Those made with human hair tend...

How to Wear Clip-In Bangs

How to Wear Clip-In Bangs I get my extensions from Lace Wigs Buy, where bangs run about $27. They lay flat, and come in the perfect shape. I’m officially campaigning for every woman, no matter what kind of texture they may have, to invest in commitment-free...

5 ways to get mirror nails

5 ways to get mirror nails Are you also obsessed with mirror nails or chrome nails? They are so shiny that I can’t get enough! Luckily enough it’s very easy to get the true mirror chrome finish at home.Chrome nails, also known as mirror nails or glass nails, are a...

Scary eyes Halloween nail ART DIY

Scary eyes Halloween nail ART DIY There is an event which spreads horror and fear among people and that’s just around the next month. Halloween is full of enjoyment and fright. A super complex design is always fun, but we understand that sometimes that even the most...

Nail art stamping tutorial

Nail art stamping tutorial You can create these beautiful nail stamping designs at the comfort of your home without going to the expensive nail salon (and it only takes a few minutes to achieve). What is nail stamping? This is a nail art technique that involves...

Wedding nail art

Wedding nail art When it comes to your big day, every little detail counts. Having beautiful, manicured nails can make your day shine even brighter. And we must be careful about what we put on them because all the little details will come out in the pictures. What to...
July 2022

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