Chocolate Fondue Recipe

Chocolate Fondue Recipe Chocolate fondue is a fun and classic dessert that is as easy to make as it is to eat. It makes the perfect sweet treat for guests or as the ending to a dinner party because everyone can decide what they want to pair with their chocolate. Get...

Iced Easter Biscuits Recipe

Iced Easter Biscuits Recipe Easter is certainly time for family, and how better to spend it than getting a bit messy in the kitchen and baking some delicious treats together? We have come up with an easy-peasy biscuit recipe that will leave you having lots of fun over...

Homemade vanilla ice cream recipe

Homemade vanilla ice cream recipe As a child one of my most favorite memories is eating ice cream with my grandparents after dinner. There is something about homemade vanilla ice cream that is just so amazing, especially this recipe. This recipe is so creamy, so...

Chocolate Bark Recipe

Chocolate Bark Recipe Rustic squares of homemade chocolate bark make a great gift for any holiday occasion. Created with only two ingredients, these deliciously easy treats will be your go-to gift all season long. INGREDIENTS: 4 bars (3.5 oz)  70% Cocoa or  Milk...

Chocolate chili barbecue sauce

Chocolate chili barbecue sauce It may be the last few weeks of summer but there is still plenty of grilling to do! Entice your party guests with a barbecue sauce made with a secret ingredient: chocolate! The perfect balance of sweet & spicy. This is the best ...

How to make coconut chips | Very Easy |

How to make coconut chips | Very Easy | Unlike most other chips, you don’t need any oil to help these snacks crisp up. Because coconut has a naturally high fat content, the flakes naturally release their oils as they bake. Coconut contains a large amount of...
July 2022

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