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What is EasyDIYs?

EasyDIYs is a lifestyle blog focusing on do-it-yourself projects, home decor, furniture building, seasonal crafts and more. In 2016 Ann and Tania started EasyDIYs as a small hobby, since then it has turned into a passionate career in hopes to inspire women (and men) to create a beautiful home from a simple perspective.


Why Partner with EasyDIYs?

The Locations Report

EasyDIYs is updated weekly with engaging and inspiring content reaching out to the thousands of readers who are subscribed to the blog.


What topics does EasyDIYs cover?

– Home Decor

– DIY projects

– Furniture Building Plans

– Seasonal Decor & Crafts

– Budget friendly solutions

– Creating a beautiful home

– Home and Garden Projects

– Before and After Projects

– Easy crafts for kids

– ART projects for teenage students

– Hairstyles step by step

– Make-up & Nails

– Upcycled DIYs

– Recipes

– Life hacks

– Clothing DIY projects

– ART and crafts

– Back to school DIY

– DIY Jewelry Making Tutorials


Partnership Opportunities:

– Sponsored Posts

– DIY Posts (Want us to make something that utilizes your product or highlights your brand? We wanna do that for you!)

– Reviews

– Large Projects (Furniture and Room Makeovers)

– Video (we’ll produce, create, film, and share a video highlighting your brand)

– Ad Placements

– Social Media Features (Instagram, Facebook, Google+)

For additional information you may email me directly at easydiys.com@gmail.com

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