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EasyDIYs is a craft/DIY blog designed to help you create a lovelier, more beautiful life. Here you will find creative DIY projects, craft tutorials, party tips, holiday ideas, ideas for the home, homemade gifts, and so much more! EasyDIYs has a large range of creative projects and tutorials that will have your creative juices flowing in no time. EasyDIYs makes it easy and fun to tackle even the most complex home improvement projects.






A Note From Ann

From an early age, I’ve always had very strong drive to create. Whether it was playing with crayons and finger paint, decorating and redecorating (and re-redecorating…) my room, or experiments using both ovens and power tools, I’ve always found an incredible power and satisfaction in using my hands.

At the same time, I realized that the digital and analog worlds have come together in the most amazing ways to help empower people to be more creative — whether by giving them detailed content to learn from (from digital recipes to video beauty tutorials), or actual tools such as software or hardware that helps assist in the creation process FOR them.

During this time, nearly all of my friends told me off the cuff that “they were NOT a creative person.” I desired to challenge their mindset because I know everyone has some type of creativity”. EasyDIYs became my lifelong mission to change that sentiment. It’s for this reason that EasyDIYs was born as a destination where people could go to get inspired and educated on how to be creative.

EasyDIYs.com was born as a destination where people could go to get inspired and educated on how to be creative.

We believe there are countless ways to thrive creatively and want to encourage all people to enhance and share their creative talents, while picking up a few new ones. EasyDIYs is a community of people who want to fully embrace their potential in all areas of their lives, and aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get creative doing it. I’m so excited to be part of each woman’s personal journey to finding a more informed, entertained and empowered creative self. I hope you’ll join us along the way!

 Our mission is to be part of this evolution, and to inspire and enable our community to use creativity to shape their lives for the better.

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