How to dry aromatic herbs

How to dry aromatic herbs Do you have an abundance of beautiful herbs still growing in the garden and would love to continue enjoying them through out winter? Drying Herbs is a great solution. It is great to have dried herbs hanging close at hand that you can quickly...

DIY knot pillows

DIY knot pillows Knot pillows are trendy right now. You will not believe how simple it is to make. This knot pillow DIY version costs a whole lot less than a store bought pillow knot and only takes about an hour to make. We recently did a mini makeover in our ART...

DIY Celtic Knot Pillow

DIY Celtic Knot Pillow When Anne and I get together we like to do fun projects. Our project of choice this time was a fun toss pillow that was tied into a celtic knot. We went with 1.5 yards (140cm) of material that was 56 inches (142cm) wide . We also bought some...

How to make a trap for mosquitoes

How to make a trap for mosquitoes In summer time, one of the main things that keeps people from enjoying their outdoor spaces is mosquitoes. Nothing ruins a backyard barbeque or even just a relaxing evening outside faster than a swarm of mosquitoes attacking your...

How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower

How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower Summer is officially here, which means your lawn needs some tending to. If you’re confused about what type of mower you need or you’re just looking to justify the cost of upgrading, read on. Personal preference and budget...

Amazing White and Black Kids Room

Amazing White and Black Kids Room Photpgraphy: Anne Stolow Design: Erin If you are hunting some ideas of perfect and best play room or nursery room for your kid then you are surely at right place!. My friend, Erin, kindly agreed to let me take pictures of her home and...
July 2022

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