Custom Pop ART “DIY” Denim Jacket

by | Jan 8, 2022 | Upcycled DIYs

I love customizing jackets. For me, it’s not only about having an item of clothing that I can wear with anything–it’s that it says something about me. As much as your personalized jacket is all about you, it can also be about being part of a group, sharing tastes and beliefs, and creating unity between you and your friends. I hope to inspire you to think of then thousand ways to customize your own denim jacket.

You will need:

Something to put underneath all of the mess so your room doesn’t get dirty Denim jacket Fabric paint Paint brush Xacto knife Black fabric marker The plastic palette thing so you can mix the colours Bowl with water to clean your brush
The next step I recommend is to choose your main back graphic. I was inspired by Greg Guillemin Pop art Artist, to paint a Catwoman Rubber Duck on the back of my jacket.

Wash and dry the denim before painting to remove starch.
Tip: Dont use fabric softener. Place cardboard under the cloth for stability, you can pin it in place with fabric pins.
Fabric paint comes in almost all colors so pick the color that exicites you.
Tip: Make sure it’s fabric paint so that you can be able to wash your cloth.


Leave to dry for an hour or so. Et voila! This denim jacket was the funnest project I have done in a while. The paint should be waterproof and even machine-washable. (Try not to touch the paint-job with the iron!) Tips: Fabric paint is surprisingly opaque, almost identical to the texture of acrylic paint. If you find that the paint is too thick while painting, just dip your brush in water to thin the paint out for those tricky corners.



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