How to make coconut chips | Very Easy |

How to make coconut chips | Very Easy | Unlike most other chips, you don’t need any oil to help these snacks crisp up. Because coconut has a naturally high fat content, the flakes naturally release their oils as they bake. Coconut contains a large amount of...

Vegan marzipan balls

Vegan marzipan balls   Hi! My name is Laura and I am really excited to share this recipe for home made marzipan with you! When I finished my first batch of marzipan the other week, I proudly presented it to some friends and was surprised to find out that they had...

Orange Slice Jello Shots Recipe

Orange Slice Jello Shots Recipe It’s quick to prepare and after you’ve tried it I’m sure you’ll prefer it to packet jellies. It can be easily modified to suit diabetics by using a sweetener instead of sugar, and is gluten and dairy free. If the oranges are very sweet...

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