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Jul 20, 2022 | Beauty | 27 comments

Blue eye makeup is back. But it has broken free of the 1970s, when powdery eye shadows matched that era’s signature, sky-colored, ruffled prom tuxedos. What gained momentum on the fashion runways for fall has exploded into a full-on trend. Makeup artists showed us a range of blues from sweetly pretty to punk, from pale to navy to midnight — to what can be imagined as the perfect blue-turquoise sea in the tropics. Thanks to the wonderful makeup artists at our local Sephora for this video!

Blue eyeshadow looks great with blue eyes

Blue eyeshadow looks great with blue eyes, especially if you choose a dark or light blue that contrasts with your eye colour. Navy, teal, and pastel blue eyeshadows are all simple and flawless when choosing a blue tint.

You don’t want to over-complicate the look because the eyeshadow colour is already pretty bold. Your eye makeup should consist of only one eyeshadow shade and a few applications of mascara to prevent overwhelming your face. Blue eyeshadow ideas are well worth putting into your routine as one of the most attractive and captivating colours in the rainbow.

6 Ways to Wear Blue Eyeshadow


Lovely blue eyes ranges from light, clear blues to deeper greenish blues. If you have blue eyes, master the use of colors to bring out your gorgeous peepers! Complementing blue eyes is easy when know what eye makeup and lipstick colors to use! You can use colors like blue, green or purple to blend and harmonize with your blue eyes.

Stunning Sapphire
If you’re wanting to use more than one shade of blue on your eyes, the easiest way to do this is to have a palette handy with multiple shades. Play with the colors until you find color combinations that suit you the best.

Steel Blue
Minimal application of blue on the lash-line, extended to the outer corner of the eyes creates a simple eyeshadow look worth trying. When wearing this look, apply a blue eyeliner on the top lash line first, and follow up by blending a blue eyeshadow on top and outward in a wing shape towards the outer corners of the eyes. This will help intensify the color, and the more you practice the more you’ll know how to get it right each time.

Haute Azure
Shades of contrasting azure blue and teal work together to complement each other for the most glam eyeshadow look ever. Start by blending the darker blue tones in the crease with a blending brush, and seal the look with strong blue-green eyeliner. Applying one last bit of blue shadow on top of the liner will give the teal a nice pop.

Shimmering Teal
One of the best ways to attract attention to your eyes is by placing color right in the center of your lid. This look illuminates the entire eye by simply adding color to the lid’s center. Apply your chosen eyeshadow colors (you can opt for more neutral hues) on the eyelids and crease, and bring the magic of the blue by placing it in the center of each eye and underneath to compliment.

Kaleidoscope Crush
Mixing blue with other colors can create a soft kaleidoscope effect that just works. Not to mention, you’ll feel like a true artist. This sheer blue paired with soft lilac is the perfect example of how different colors can work together when creating eyeshadow looks. Applying the blue as the dominant color in the crease and adding a touch of the second color is all you need to do.

Gradient Sweep
Dress up your lids with a little metallic shimmer and sparkle; the multi-toned holographic finish of this blue eyeshadow is ideal when you’re wanting to wear something with glitter. The best way to achieve this is to use a loose powder eyeshadow pigment that has accompanying colors for a multi-dimensional finish. Apply liberally until everything sparkles just the way you want it.


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