Orange peel candle

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This weekend I have a bunch of projects lined up that I want to try. Will post soon what I have created but for now I want to share with you this orange candle. I have seen it before but others had complicated it a bit and made you feel like it just wasn’t worth it. If up till this moment you thought making a candle is a huge problem because you’ll need all these complicated stuff like wax, wick and a special mold to cast it. Using just an orange and candle you can create a candle that will amaze everyone.

Just imagine how good this smells!

So now, get your crafty hands to work and in few minutes you’ll have a perfect decoration for homey evenings!

You will need:

Old or cheap candles
Microwave safe bowl
Microwave (i used a 1,000 watt kitchen microwave)
Tip: Using a lower watt microwave may result in longer melting time.

Use your old candles or purchase additional candles at discount dollar stores. Use a flat screwdriver or butter knife to cut the wax into small pieces. Make sure to save the old wick.

Fill microwave safe bowl with wax pieces and microwave it for 6 minutes.
CAUTION: bowl will be HOT! Use a hand towel  to remove it.

While the wax melts, grab an orange and cut it around more or less in the middle. I have discovered that it is much easier to separate the skin when you undermine it around with a big spoon first.

Put the wick into an orange ball. I dipped the wick into the melting wax to coat, and dripped a bit of wax into the orange to secure the bottom wick tab in place. Lay the popsicle stick over the top of the orange and gently bend the wick over it to hold it upright until the wax hardens.

Let the candles sit to harden/dry. The candle is ready to burn – the orange ball is so sunny and the smell is amazing.

I have added Cedarwood essential oil to my candles right after burning them for a while. That way the oil goes into the cooling wax. It work fine! Cedarwood essential oil  smells like walking through a forest after a good rain.
Tips: to make the candle color, it can be melted along with wax crayons. Do not add food coloring! You can experiment and add the cinnamon or ginger. 

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