Chocolate Bark Recipe

Chocolate Bark Recipe Rustic squares of homemade chocolate bark make a great gift for any holiday occasion. Created with only two ingredients, these deliciously easy treats will be your go-to gift all season long. INGREDIENTS: 4 bars (3.5 oz)  70% Cocoa or  Milk...

DIY Burlap Christmas Ornaments

DIY Burlap Christmas Ornaments Burlap Christmas Ornaments are quite possibly the easiest, cutest DIY Ornaments EVER! And it’s fun to personalize them a bit! How?! …with a buttons, Lace Flowers, pearls….! I’ll show you how to make it with a little step by step...

DIY Wreath with Natural Elements

DIY Wreath with Natural Elements Natural Wreaths: This is perhaps the easiest and most popular of the nature crafts! You can use any number of collected items for these, and you can add household objects too, you are only limited by your imagination! Of course you...

How to Dry Oranges for Crafts

How to Dry Oranges for Crafts Learn how to dry  oranges, lime and clementines with this easy tutorial. Dried citrus fruit can be used for perfuming the home, but also as decorative elements on the table or to enhance a gift package, create garlands or simply for...

DIY Polymer Clay sparkling stars

DIY Polymer Clay sparkling stars I wanted a somewhat simple garland for the fireplace and something that added a little hint of Christmas cheer without being too loud. Not sure if that even makes sense but half of the decorating thoughts in my head don’t make...

DIY Advent Calendar Treat Bags

DIY Advent Calendar Treat Bags I really wanted to make a calendar we could re-use year after year. Based on a few ideas I saw on the internet and on Etsy, I went with the concept of 24 small bags to fill with treats or prizes of varying sizes. That’s the beauty of...
July 2022

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