Hot Air Balloon Sewing Pattern

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This is the perfect handmade addition to a baby’s room and is one of those pieces you just know will be treasured forever. Because this could easily become a keepsake, we would recommend using a good quality wool felt.
To make this DIY baby mobile simply save the pattern below to your computer and print it.

Cut out the pattern onto good quality felts.
This project originally appeared in a couple of years ago.

Create a beautiful Hot Air Balloon Mobile, or single air balloon, with this simple sewing pattern.

Still want to drift off a bit more even though you had a lovely vacation this summer? Then, how about creating a darling mobile for the kids bedroom and dream of where you’d be flying the next time you’ll have the chance….

Let the wind blow…

MEASUREMENTS (when pattern printed on A4 paper) Each hot air balloon measures approx 4″ (10cm) high and 2,3″ (6cm) wide. The clouds are approx 4″ (10cm) wide.

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