Perfect Waves for a Wedding

Jan 15, 2024 | Beauty | 23 comments

If you are a lucky owner of naturally curly healthy hair, you have everything you need for a fantastic look. Just use a jeweled hairpin or a large flower to keep your side locks a bay. You are going to look super exotic – just right for a destination beach wedding!

Thick messy waves with a simple thin golden hairband can make you look like a Greek goddess. This classic look goes especially well with an empire wedding dress. What can be more awesome than this combination of white and gold?

How To Keep Curls Voluminous Throughout The Wedding Day?


The most important point is preparation. Before creating a hairstyle, it is very critical to wash your hair properly. If this happens in the salon, then the master will do everything himself.

If the bride washes her hair at home, then there are rules: wash your hair twice with shampoo, and use conditioner once (without going to the roots). It is essential not to weigh down the hair. Keep it light and clean.

Also, the durability of the curl is affected by weather conditions. When humidity is high outside, or it is raining, then it is better to abandon the creation of curls. But if you still really want this hairstyle, then ask the master to put the hair in a half up half down hairstyle.

If the hair is very thin, you can use additional strands, false hair. This will give the hairstyle durability.

It is very important not to touch the hair. When the laying is ready, it is undesirable to throw them, touch them, and constantly correct them. The created hairstyle should be treated like a crystal vase!

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