Dry oranges for xmas decorations

Dec 7, 2016 | Christmas DIYs | 0 comments

Christmas is already around the corner and I am waiting it with all my heart! I just love the special holiday atmosphere, the smell of pine from the Christmas tree and sparkling lights in the windows. Now I am struggling with the ideas for Christmas home decoration as I would definitely like to share this festive mood.

Check also my tutorial on making dried oranges. The best thing about it is that it’s cheap and requires hardly any time or money. Besides, only natural materials are used so the décor ornaments are eco-friendly!

When the fruits are completely dried, the fun part begins!
You can hang it on the Christmas tree or place it on the window sill, or at the mantel, decorate your Christmas wreath or just make a lovely arrangement on the table 🙂

Dried orange slice ornaments

Here are some ingredients to get you started: Cranberries, Dried Orange slices, Woodsy herbs like Rosemary, Sage, & Bay Leaf, Cinnamon sticks, Star Anise (you can find this in the bulk spice section of Whole Foods).

Dried Fruit Spice Christmas tree

Great Christmas decorations ideally make a big impact and are inexpensive! This cute Christmas tree so easy to create! This tutorial shows you how to make a cone-shaped Dried Fruit Spice Christmas tree.

Citrus Wreath with Oranges

Bring the scent and spirit of the holidays alive with this citrus wreath. Jeweled with oranges and cinnamon sticks look amazing.

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