DIY Polymer Clay sparkling stars

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I wanted a somewhat simple garland for the fireplace and something that added a little hint of Christmas cheer without being too loud. Not sure if that even makes sense but half of the decorating thoughts in my head don’t make sense. This turned out exactly like I visioned (almost never happens) and I love the little sparkle it gives my living room.

What you will need:

1 block of polymer clay
Copper glitter
Small star cookie cutter
Clay roller
Hot glue gun

Start by conditioning your clay so that is is pliable. Roll a large chunk of clay into a ball and then use the roller to flatten it out.
Use the cookie cutter to cut out all of your stars. I made about 34 stars for my garland. When you run out of space to cut out additional stars, mash up your clay add a little more to the ball and roll it out again.
Pour a little gold glitter into a bowl and give each star a dunk in the glitter.

Once all the stars are covered in glitter, place them all on a designated craft baking sheet and bake at 275 degrees F (140 degrees C) for 25 minutes. Apply a good amount of glue on the back of a star. Press the string into the hot glue and then quickly (it dries FAST) place another star on top making sure it is laid on top of the other star in the same direction. The string will be sandwiched in between the two stars.

Hang your garland and you’re done!

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