DIY christmas wreath

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Happy Friday!  It’s Tatiana here, and this week I’ve got a fun project that makes a great Christmas gift!  These citrus slices look so nice on a tree or formed together into a wreath.  Best of all, these ornaments are inexpensive and totally easy! It sums up everything that’s traditionally Christmassy. Cinnamon and orange together are a match made in heaven, don’t you agree? Extreme yumminess.

You will need:

Dried citrus slices
Cinnamon sticks
Chinese Lantern (Physalis)
Styrofoam wreath form
Hot glue gun

The first thing you’ll need to do is regress to grade 6 math class and make one of those circle making things out of a string, a pin and a marker.

Do the same thing in the centre with a smaller circle.

Cut the outer styrofoam circle.  An electric knife is the easiest way to cut styrofoam.  I’m not saying you won’t have flying balls of styrofoam everywhere.  It just makes it easier.

Good job! Now your outer circle is cut out perfectly. Now cut the centre circle out.

This is where the serrated knife might also come in handy. It can be nice to use to remove some of the larger angles.

Hot glue dried orange slices to completely cover your wreath form. Just keep applying slices until you are happy with results. Now you can add the extras if you want. And there you have it. A homemade, gorgeously lovely Christmassy Cinnamon and Orange wreath!

I had a nice time making these and was really pleased with the professional results! So skip those couple hours you otherwise would have spent at the mall and get down with your crafty self!

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