Churchkhela – The traditional Eastern dessert originally from Georgia.  The most eye-catching Georgian food of all, churchkhela are the lumpy, colorful confections hanging in storefront windows, which tourists often mistake for sausages. The most important component for churchkhelas is a grape jelly. It is made from grape juice with hazel, or walnuts.
The Grape jelly will provide an almost chocolate color. Apple – Amber Garnet – Red Apricot – Golden Churchkhela can also be made with some dried fruit (such as peach, apple or plum) and pumpkin seeds. It is wonderful oriental sweetness, which in our area is difficult to obtain. However,  there is a solution! Make the churchkhela at home. Here is the Recipe:
Servings: 10


1 L. Grape juice freshly squeezed Nuts: hazelnuts or walnuts 1 kg (10 nuts per thread) 2 tablespoon’s of Corn flour Corn starch – To taste (in case of a special need)
You can add also other ingredients to taste: 1 teaspoon cinnamon 4-5 cloves buds 1 tbsp.  of sugar


Prepare all the necessary ingredients, including needle and thread. Warm the nuts over medium heat in a frying pan for 8-10 minutes, then cool. Take a thick needle and thread and connect the nuts. ( hazelnuts or walnuts).  The thread should be 20-25 cm in length, and the first  layer of nuts should be strung at a distance of 4-5 cm from the end of the thread.  Each string should be strung  with about 10 nuts.
The Grape juice must be fresh. After you have finished producing the grape juice, add the corn flour. Heat on a high temperature, vigorously stirring all of the time.  Bring to the boil. Turn the heat down to a low temperature and continue to stir for 8-10 minutes.  Tip: If the juice doesn’t thicken after some time,  it will be necessary to add a bit more corn flour and corn starch.
Deep the nuts in the resulting mass and hang in a convenient location. Leave to dry. In a few hours, repeat the same procedure, and so on until the top layer of the nuts reaches 1 cm. The process of drying lasts is about a week or two, it all depends on the layer of juice.  After drying you can enjoy your churchkhela. You can  wrap it with paper or parchment paper and store it in a cool place up to three months.

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