Christmas napkin holders

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This weeks DIY’s are all about Christmas, today I want to show you to how to make easy air dry clay napkin holders.
Crafting time is about 1 – 2 hours but it is split over a few days so it isn’t too bad.
I always associate stars with Christmas and like to make a new set each year.  These were really simple, paint them in bright colours and glue some ribbon and you will have napkin holders!
Here’s how to make…

You will need:

Air Dry Clay
Cookie Cutters
Rolling pin
acrylic paint
cotton rope or ribbon


I used a 500gm pack of air dry clay that I picked up in my local craft shop for about 4euro.
Split your pack into quarters and roll your clay so it is about 3mm thick. I rolled mine onto baking paper so the surface was flat.

Cut your star shapes using biscuit cutters. Repeat this until all your clay has been used up.

I decided to stamp a few lace prints into my stars as they were drying. Once completed set your stars to one side and leave to dry. I left mine on my windowsill above a radiator.

Leave them for at least 24 hours until they are completely dry. Waiting is the worst, don’t you think?

Now the fun part begins, paint your stars any way you choose using acrylic craft paint.

When the paint is completely dry, glue your star on ribbon or cotton rope and tie it around the napkin.
I’m looking forward to having this special treat on each of my guest’s plates. Beauty is in the details, right? These would make great Christmas tree ornaments as well.

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