Upcycled Gift Wrap ideas

by | Jun 28, 2017 | Upcycled DIYs | 169 comments

I’m in the process of getting my wrapping materials ready: recycled craft paper,  recycled shipping paper,  grocery bags, twine and dried flowers. .Don’t have wrapping paper lying around? It’s all good! Look around your house and see what you can find. Fabric? Crates? Bags? Leaves? Yarn? Get creative and have fun!

Grocery Bags

I want to shows you how to Recycle paper grocery bags as gift wrap. Not only is it easy and cheap, but it also gives your gifts a good style.

Wrapping paper

When my UPS packages arrive, they have brown paper in large sheets for stuffing. I iron them and use colored ink and stamps to decorate the paper for wrapping paper. Get plain wrapping paper and some paint and just randomly splash the paint on the paper to create a Paint Splatter masterpiece that everyone will admire.

Furoshiki Wraps

Furoshiki is a Japanese gift wrapping technique using fabric instead of paper. It’s a greener choice — the fabric can be used again and again — and it’s also versatile and beautiful.. Tie up your gifts in an old stretched-out sweater or recycle that cute tea towel for the cutest, coziest recycle wraps ever!

Dried Flower Gift Toppers

When wrapping your gifts, why not create a crossover by integrating some natural elements to your gift wrap? As well as being bang on trend, it will give your gift wrapping a slightly unusual twist that is bound to be a hit with everyone who receives a present from you. Go for a walk outside in a park or green open space and see if you can find any original natural elements that you can incorporate or dry your own flowers.
These DIY Upcycled Gift wrapping ideas for the holiday season are sure to impress everyone on your gift list without breaking the bank. Happy Upcycling.

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