Stuffed zucchini flowers

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Zucchini season runs from around May to early September. The flowers have to be picked before noon so they are still opened.  They are fun to make but do take a little time. Stuffed zucchini flowers are one of my favorite dishes.
I used to fill them with mozzarella cheese and anchovies, but this time i want to share with you another recipe.
The stuffing I made here is with minced meat. I also use this stuffing to stuff peppers, tomatoes and eggplants.


Meat Stuffing (for about 15 flowers)
1 beaten egg
400 grams of minced meat (ground beef, turkey)
20 g parmesan cheese
50 g butter
chopped fresh parsley
50 g breadcrumbs (from crustless italian or french bread ground in processor)
olive oil
salt, nutmeg and pepper


Turn on the oven to 180 degrees.
Clean and prep your flowers: remove the pistil or stamen from inside the blossom.
Because the taste from the pollen can be a bit bitter, a little astringent, but not in a bad way.
Also remove the 5 little spiky green things on the outside of the flower base, but keep the green cup where the stem attaches.
Soak and clean in cold water for 5 minutes. Remove flowers from water.
Mix all the stuffing ingredients and fill each blossom loosely and close them a bit. Spread a bit of olive oil on the top.
Cook in the oven for 20 minutes.

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