Seared tuna with pistachio crust

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Seared tuna has to be one of my all time favourites; it is the most fantastic dish. Many people believe that making seared tuna at home is a nightmare, that it should be left to the professionals but this is entirely false. Seared tuna is an incredibly simple and easy dish that can be whipped up in a matter of minutes. This combination tastes as good as it looks: claret-colored rare tuna set against its green coating. Seared tuna with pistachio crust is a healthy and very simple dish to make!. Just make sure you get the freshest, best quality tuna out there for this dish.

You will need:

(for 2 people) 300 g. of fresh tuna fillet 100 g. pistachios Extra virgin olive oil Salt You can prepare the tuna cut into sesame seeds crust following the same procedure.
Put the pistachio nuts into a food processor and grind them up until you are left with a beautiful, textured, green grain. I usually grind the nuts down to the same size as a grain of cous cous. Pour the pistachio grain onto a baking dish and set aside.
Transfer your tuna fillet onto a clean chopping board. Using a very sharp knife, cut the tuna into two oblong fillets. The thickness should be the same size as when you make a circle by touching your thumb and index finger together. Brush them all over with the oil, then season with salt and pepper to taste.
Take the fillets and roll them in the pistachio grain until they are covered with a thick layer. Heat a big pan. When the temperature is very hot, drop the tuna fillets into the pan and sear each side for 4 minute. Note: the tuna should be rare at the center and just cooked on the edges.
Slice the each tuna steak into ½ inch (1.30 cm) slices. I usually serve this dish with a Shaved Vegetable Salad (baby gold beets, fennel bulb, Granny Smith apple – thinly shaved, 1 teaspoon honey) or with brown rice. Root vegetables are a super popular side in the winter, usually roasted until fully tender. But shaving them raw into a side dish salad is a fantastic alternative.

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