Paper feather collage wall art tutorial

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Paper feather collage wall art tutorial. As a simple shape, a feather is really just a somewhat curvy, kinda long and skinny type shape. As having pattern, it really just looks like there are lots of fine downward pointing lines running the length of the center spine. Basically: long + chevrons = feather. Then whatever else you want to add in is just details. A pointy bit at the bottom for the quill, maybe some texture up the sides for the notches that gives each feather its unique shape. They are so pretty you could use them to decorate gifts, in scrapbooks, as wedding decor or even as home accents. I decided to create a paper Feather wall art for my room. Don’t worry about needing artistic skills for this…you don’t! It is so easy that almost anyone can do it following these simple steps.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get unique art for your home. In fact you can do it yourself.

  Feathers are light and feminine and are a fun way to add a touch of the nature trend to your DIY paper crafting projects. Grab some paper and your scissors and let’s get started. And remember, no birds were harmed in the creating of these projects!

You will need:

Poster frame Scissors Glue stick or PVA Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor set (similar) White paper Paint brushes

Making the feathers!

Click on the imag below and right click to save to your computer. Print it out on paper, and then you can cut them out and trace onto the back of the paper that you plan to use. DIY Feather Art Tracing Template
Cut out around template and add feather cuts on all sides, being careful not to cut right though. Make a slight fold down the center of the feather. Your feathers are now ready for use!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I have so many more projects planned for my room that I can’t wait to share with you…! Join my newsletter so you never miss a thing.

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