Jellyfish shot

Oct 18, 2016 | Cocktails | 0 comments

Let us have some jelly fish shots ready to be imbibed.  Yes!! Let us have some jelly fish shots! These shots are so cool looking. Everyone is intrigued by them.  And once they taste them, the intrigue turns into need!
Dropping the Grenadine into the shot causes the Baileys to sink in jellyfish-like ribbons.  Isn’t that so cool??!
It is just about time to pick it up, admire it and shoot that bad boy down.

For 1 serving,  you’ll need:

30 ml. White Creme de Cacao
15 ml. Amaretto
15 ml. Bailey’s Irish Cream


First up is the white creme de cacao. Measure out 30 ml. of creme de cacao and pour it into the shot glass.
Now, I measure 15 ml. of Amaretto and take a cocktail spoon, turn it upside down so the curve of the bowl is facing up.
Slowly pour the Amaretto into the glass on top of the creme de cacao.
Time for the Baileys Irish creme. Pour it into the glass the same way as the Amaretto: slowly, over the bowl of the spoon to keep the liquids separated.
Drip a total of four drops of Grenadine, each over a different spot at the top of the glass.

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