iPhone SE 2022 Review

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iPhone SE 2022

The iPhone SE gets more expensive in 2022 but still continues to be the most affordable Apple smartphone. Thanks to its very current A15 chip, it should be hard to beat in its price class in terms of performance.

In this test, we take a closer look at the most current update, the iPhone SE 3, also called iPhone SE 3rd Gen or iPhone SE 2022. While the previous generation was created in 2020, it is almost impossible to tell them apart visually. When you take a look at the bill after your purchase, you can see that the manufacturer raised the price by 40 Euros (~$44).

Let’s take a look, at how the new iPhone SE 2022 does in our test.

Apple iPhone SE 2022

Apple iPhone SE 2022

Processor Apple A15 Bionic 6 x – 3.2 GHz

Graphics adapter Apple A15 GPU 5-Core

Memory 4096 MB

Display 4.70 inch 16:9, 1334 x 750 pixel 326 PPI, capacitive touchscreen, Retina HD, IPS, HDR, 60 Hz

Storage 64 GB SSD, 64 GB, 52 GB free

Weight 144 g ( = 5.08 oz / 0.32 pounds) ( = 0 oz / 0 pounds)

Price 519 Euro (£419, $429)

Case – There continue to be wide bezels in the iPhone SE

The case continues to be made from aluminum and glass and shows high-quality workmanship. The front and back are now built with the new protective glass of the iPhone-13 series that is supposed to make the smartphones even more robust. Apple was able to shave off a little bit of weight compared to the predecessor, but the 4 grams (~0.14 oz) compared to the predecessor should hardly be noticeable in everyday usage. While the dimensions of the iPhone SE 2022 aren’t quite as small as those of the current iPhone mini, it is still one of the most compact smartphones currently available.

The case is certified according to the IP67 standard, so it is still dustproof and will survive a drop into the water.

Apple iPhone SE 2022 uk

Equipment – Slightly more expensive with more working memory

The changes in equipment compared to the predecessor turn out small. There continues to be a Lightning port that transfers data according to the USB 2.0 standard. At this point, the NFC chip in Apple’s smartphone can be used more extensively, but NFC cannot be deactivated like in Android.

The most current Bluetooth versions continue to be unavailable, and you have to be content with Bluetooth 5.0.

While the storage options remained the same, with 4 GB, there is now more RAM. All the prices were raised by 40 Euros (~$44):

iPhone SE 2022 4GB RAM / 64 GB storage: 519 Euros (~$565)
iPhone SE 2022 4GB RAM / 128 GB storage: 569 Euros (~$619)
iPhone SE 2022 4GB RAM / 256 GB storage: 689 Euros (~$750)

Software – Modern iOS 15.4

Many Apple users see it as one of the most important advantages that Apple offers very long update cycles for its devices: usually the smartphones are provided with updates for at least 5 years, and some even longer. For example, the iPhone 7 from 2016 is still supposed to get iOS 16.

On the iPhone SE 2022, the modern iOS 15.4, which is the most current version, is installed with all its features available. For example, you can use the expanded functions of FaceTime to share content in video calls, deposit virtual keys for your house or car, or use optical character recognition in photos by default.

Cameras – Good single-lens camera with few options

The single-lens camera in the back offers optical image stabilization and the sensor has a 12-Megapixel resolution. The flash includes four LEDs with different colors, whose illumination is combined automatically.

At first glance, the specifications of the camera sensor in the back look the same as those of the iPhone SE 2020. However, the new version of the compact smartphone benefits from quite a few improvements that were introduced by Apple in the previous years, such as Smart HDR 4, Deep Fusion, and automatic improvements of the image quality. This is great for those who just want to click to take a picture, but those who prefer to adjust the parameters of their recordings themselves will need their own app since Apple’s standard camera software offers only a little freedom in this regard.

The images from the main camera continue to show a good quality with vibrant colors, many details, and good sharpness. The sky in the example picture of the surroundings looks very clear and hardly shows any pixel artifacts. For a smartphone of its price class, the iPhone SE 2022 takes really good pictures during the day. While the iPhone SE brightens the pictures under low light conditions fairly well, the pictures quickly turn muddy. There is no particular night mode.

Videos taken with the iPhone SE also look attractive, and the manufacturer supports taking 4K recordings at up to 60 fps.

The front camera continues to offer a 7-Megapixel resolution, and the pictures taken here also show many details and good image sharpness.

Communication and GNSS – The iPhone SE is a world phone with 5G

In the communication options, we finally discover an important difference between the iPhone SE 2020 and the new version: the small iPhone now supports 5G with many frequency bands, allowing you to use it worldwide. Thanks to its wide and abundant frequency coverage in the 4G net as well, you can also surf worldwide in that network without any problems. In addition, at up to 1.2 Gbit/s, the data rate is slightly higher than that of the predecessor.

The reception of the iPhone SE 2022 in the 5G and 4G net is good and can compare with that of high-end smartphones in our test of random samples.

In terms of WLAN, there is WiFi 6 with 2×2 MIMO. In the test with our Asus GT-AXE11000 reference router, the transfer rates are slightly higher than those of the predecessor but are still unable to fully keep up with the fastest smartphones. On the other hand, the speeds are very stable, and we also like the WLAN range and reception strength when there are obstacles in the way.

Battery Life – A small battery but long battery life

Power Consumption
Apple’s power management turned out to be very successful in previous years. While the iPhone SE 2022 also shows itself fairly efficient in idle operation, at up to 11 watts under full load, it can also deplete its battery quickly.

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