How To Use Watercolor Gel In 2022

Jul 21, 2022 | Beauty | 25 comments

For a long time, if you went to your local nail salon and asked for a flower design, you’d be walking out with a circle of five teensy toothpick dots on your ring finger. It was cute and simple, but not exactly elevated. But this summer, there’s a change in the air — and watercolor floral, the nail-art trend taking over NYC, is the prettiest, most ornate take on flowers on fingernails you’ve ever seen.

Beginner Watercolor Nail Drawings

This watercolor nail trend is definitely on the more chill side, and it’s also super DIYable. Definitely meant for those of us who get nail polish on our earlobes while painting them (how does the polish even end up there)? If you can draw a smiley face, you can totally do watercolor nail painting at home.

Nail Art Step by Step


1. First, begin with a bright white base. You can use either a regular white nail polish, or white gel polish, as long as the surface is white, and preferably matte, so it looks like a real painting canvas. This will allow the sheer colors to come through easier.

2. After prepping nails, apply a thin coat of STICK WITH IT base coat.
Using a nail art brush, paint a flower on the nail plate.

3. Before the flower dries, apply small amount of Make It Last top coat on the edge of the flower using oval brush. Gently tap and blend Make It Last top coat on the flower to make it look like a water color design.

4. Add small thin green lines on the flowers with a mini striper brush.

5. Apply gold foil around the flowers. For a high-shine long-lasting manicure, apply a coat of Make It Last top coat.

6. And that’s a simple way to use watercolor gel! Now that you know the basics of watercolor gel, you can get creative and create your own intricate and beautiful nail art designs!!


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