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This is one recipe for a Halloween hiroshima cocktail, ingredients often vary from bartender to bartender. Hiroshima Cocktail is a cocktail made in a highball glass. How to make a Hiroshima Cocktail Drink Shot Recipe. A great tasting layered shot recipe that easy to make and fun to drink.

For 1 serving,  you’ll need:

15 ml sambuca
15ml Baileys liqueur
15ml absinthe
Afew drops of syrup “Grenadine”


In short cocktail glass pour the first layer – sambuca.
The second layer is made of liqueur Baileys.
The third layer – is absinthe.
You can use many different tools to help you successfully pour additional layers.  If you are using a spoon,  place it on top of the liquid, keeping the end of the spoon against the wall of the glass then pour the next liquid on top of the first liquid, slowly and steadily.
Drop a bit of Grenadine on top. So we get our desired visual effect of the explosion. Cocktail drink in one gulp!

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