Easy DIY Halloween Garland

by | Jun 24, 2017 | Halloween DIYs | 383 comments

Additionally, I’ve challenged myself not to buy any new decorations or “stuff” for the party this year, so I have been trying to come up with projects to use up my already oversized stash of supplies. There isn’t much space left in my house when I’ve finished putting up my Halloween decorations, but there was one wall that needed a good Halloween Garland.   If you run late or if you just feel you can still add a little something, here is a simple way to make a garland! It’s a perfect family craft…so get your kids involved! Who’s ready to get crafty? Here’s a step by step tutorial:


Construction Paper: Orange, Black Thread or grosgrain ribbon Scissors A simple pencil Hot Glue Garland Templates or Silhouettes


Want the fastest and easiest way to make a very quick set of Halloween silhouettes. Use my free templates on this page.
First save a copy of the pattern on this page to your own computer and print out a copy onto cardstock to make a template – or print onto paper and trace it to the back of a cereal packet. If you don’t have a printer, you can always look at the design to draw up your own. Cut the template out carefully around the black lines. I like to keep all my templates to re-use again when needs. Trace around the template onto your choice of cardstock. Cut out the design.
Cut out enough bats, sculls and other shapes to make your garland.
Then I measured a length of black Thread and used hot glue to attach the cardstock shapes to the ribbon.
Once done, hang them where you will and enjoy this Halloween season!
And for a customize garland, you just print the four skulls template on plain paper and let your kids drawing or painting on the skulls. Check back soon for more scoop on the food and another tutorial or two. xo xo xo

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