DIY Pumpkin Pincushion

by | Jun 23, 2017 | Halloween DIYs | 14 comments

Are you ready for another awesome sewing project that will come in handy all year long? Today, i show you how to craft a gorgeous and cute fabric pumpkin pincushion and while this particular design comes with fall colors, you can just pick a different fabric to make one for every season.


Coordinating fabric scraps Embroidery thread Large doll needle Polyfil Rotary Cutter, Acrylic Ruler and Cutting Mat Felt or any ready-made leaves Gnarly sticks or grape dried twisty vines or Waxed cord


Start off by picking 4 patterned fabrics that will fit the color scheme of theme that you have in mind. If you are going for a fall pumpkin pincushion but with Halloween touches, then throw in a bit of black. Red and green are great choices for festive pincushions. Then there are beachy pastels that work brilliantly for summer themes!
Once you have narrowed down the look you are shooting for, it is time to cut the fabric in circles. Using the 15 cm. Shape Template, trace and cut 4 circles – one from each fabric. Next, use the Rotary Cutter and Acrylic Ruler, and the Cutting Mat to cut both circles into even quarters.
Rearrange toe quarters to create the top and bottom pattern for the pincushion and start stitching (right sides facing in) along one side of the two adjacent pieces. This will form one half of the circle. Press the seam flat. Repeat it for the other half of that circle and do the same for the other circle as well. Then join the halves of each circle together and press seams flat. Next, match up the two circles with right sides facing in and with the pattern of the top and bottom circles alternating.
Stitch around the edge, leaving a 4cm. opening. Be sure to back stitch at the beginning and end to secure. Turn the piece right side out and stuff with polyfil until the piece is somewhat firm. This will help to create a plump pumpkin. Stitch the opening closed by hand.
Give the pincushion its shape using embroidery thread and throw in a ribbon, and a few leaf shapes from green fabric to give it the final look. Attach the leafs and curled Waxed cord to the pumpkin with thread or glue. Use two or three leaves per pumpkin. The pumpkin pin cushion is now ready to use.
I promise, you won’t want to stop with two… Don’t worry…! These adorable pumpkins make great table decorations, pin cushions, gifts….  And after making up so many of these I am a pro. haha. And my fingers are a little sore. But it’s totally worth it.

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