DIY flowers from fabric

Oct 14, 2016 | Art & Crafts | 0 comments

If you decided to make fabric flower bouquets for yourself or wedding or Mother’s Day, rather than spend hundreds (or more) on real flowers, this tutorial is for you.
Not only you will save a lot of money, but the bouquets will last a lifetime.
I know it may seem a little tricky, but trust me, these are super easy and you can make a flower in 10 minutes!
let’s get on with the tutorial!

You’ll need:

Tea lights
Needle and thread
100% polyester fabric


100% polyester fabric (it’s basically plastic) is a must. Separate your fabric by color.
Begin cutting out a bunch of 4″ circles and some 3″ circles. Don’t worry, they don’t have to be perfect!

Set aside a bowl of water (in case of accidental fires), move to a well ventilated area, and light a tea light.
Carefully melt the edges of the circle, slowly rotating as each section melts. Make sure you start way above the flame and move down until you’ve found a good spot.
Tip: Fabrics like organza will melt really quickly and easily, and some, like chiffon, can burn or turn weird, ugly colors if held too close to the fire.

Now we’ll begin to start to stack the flower layers, alternating the position of each layer. Place the larger pieces on the bottom of the stack, and the 2-3 smaller pieces on the top.
If you’re satisfied with the layer arrangement, hold the flower together and sew a small “X” in the center. You will need to use a thread color that matches your fabric flower.

Now that a few flowers have been made, it’s time decorate the centers.
What should you use for your flowers? Anything you want! Antique brooches, beads, pearls, buttons, ribbons — they would all look awesome!  Just be sure to use a coordinating color of thread when you sew down your centers.

I loved how they turned out! It’s also perfect for gifts.

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