DIY Fabric Pumpkins

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You’ve noticed, of course, the beautiful fabric pumpkins featured all over blogland, yes? Me too! And I want some! Want to learn how to make a Fabric Pumpkins? You’re in luck! I’ve got a great tutorial to share that will show you how to make these cute and colorful fabric pumpkins! They make the cutest little center-piece on my dining room table. I think I’ll make a couple for my friends (just for fun.)


Pillow stuffing
needle and thread
hot glue
*fabric (any colors/kind your heart desires!)
*needles (small sewing needle, then a large embroidery needle)


Cut your fabric into a rectangle, different dimensions will give different shapes. I cut various rectangles that were twice as long as they were wide, so that when I folded one in half, it made a perfect square.

Next you put right sides together and sew the side opposite the fold closed. Fold your fabric in half, right sides together and hand sew, machine sew or even hot glue the side seam.

Next, sew a wide basting stitch along the bottom of the tube. (it works better hand sewn since you can get a much wider stitch.) Gather the bottom up so it is tightly closed and sew a few stitches to secure the bottom.


Flip the fabric right side out and stuff your pumpkin.

Sew a basting stitch along the top and close it the same way as the bottom. Pull the top closed and add a few stitches to secure it.

Next step is to wrap your darling squash with yarn or embroidery thread to make the pumpkin sections.
Cut a long strip of yarn and knot the end and thread your large embroidery needle with the yarn.
1. push the needle/yard through the center of the bottom and pull all the way through the top center.
2. Take your needle/yarn down and back through the bottom, then pull up through the top again.
3. Do this 5 times (up through the bottom, through the top, then back down through the bottom and through the top)

You can make a stem by cutting a long rectangle, and painting it green. Then roll it up and glue the edge.
Or cut a strip of fabric. Size will differ depending on the size of your pumpkin. Fold in half long ways with pretty sides facing in. Stitch along the two side and tie off. Leave bottom open. Then stuff the stem and stitch closed. Stitch stem to the top (center) of your pumpkin.

This project was super fun and I got all of these done in a couple of hours in one evening. If you decide to make some, leave a link in the comments so we can all ooh and ahh. Happy Fall!

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