Diy clay antler ornaments

by | Jun 26, 2017 | Art & Crafts | 0 comments

When it comes to making faux animal accessories I’m totally on board! But I’m guessing that doesn’t surprise anyone here, and while we’re at it why not make it a little more colourful?

So I DIY’ed a pair. All you need is some Acrylic colors and air dry clay! I’ve used it for a lot of different projects and it works great! These make great wall decorations, and by the way, no deers were harmed in this process 🙂 Today, I’m going to show you how I made my own.


Air-dry clay
Acrylic colors
Masking tape


Using wet hands work a piece of air dry clay into a long point to create the main body of the  antler. Smooth cracks in the clay as you go.. Begin to squeeze it into a cylindrical shape. I didn’t roll it, because I wanted to have a more natural look. Pinch the top into two sections once you have the bottom size you want. I used an image to help guide me when coming up with the shape/design of my antlers. Don’t worry about making it smooth just yet, we’ll do that later. Right now it’s going to look a little funny and flat.  Just make sure to smooth over any cracks. Fill in spots with small chunks of clay if you need. I propped the bottom part of my antlers over two water bottles to help it begin drying in that shape.

I also raised the top of the antlers to give it shape and propped it gently up against whatever I could find.  We are going for an organic look and shape. Mine took several days to dry out. Do this before moving it again. Once it’s dry lightly sand to create a smooth surface.

You can paint it with acrylic paint if you want. Tape off the tips and paint in your favourite colours. Once the paint is dry peal back the tape.

I seriously love how these turned out and I think I will definitely be making more this week. These would be a great gift for someone who is loving the antler trend too.

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