Britney Spears enjoy Over The Top Milkshakes

Jul 31, 2017 | Cocktails, Desserts, Recipes | 2,327 comments

It’s a milkshake but not as you know it.

This is not clean eating, in fact it’s the very opposite, the messier the better. Try to grip the glass and you are likely to end up with hands smeared with chocolate and caramel. To drink a freakshake requires tactical elegance, to build one demands architectural ability.
The great thing about all these milkshakes is that there aren’t really any rules, you can add as much or as little of whatever ingredient you like, and you can always mix it up and put your own spin on it.

Britney Spears and family enjoy over-the-top shakes at Planet Hollywood.

Britney Spears, along with her entire family, headed to Disney World to attend the grand re-opening of Planet Hollywood at Disney Springs. Sweethearts! Britney Spears takes niece Maddie for some milkshakes at Planet Hollywood.

You will need:

Banana milkshake:

  • Bananas – 2 pieces
  • Ice cream – 6 balls
  • Milk – 100ml
  • Chocolate sauce
  • Nutella

Strawberry Milkshake:

  • Ice cream – 6 balls
  • Milk – 100ml
  • Strawberry to taste
  • Funfetti cake mix
  • Extra sprinkles
Whipped cream is always a good idea, as well as chocolate sauce, sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, melted caramel, marshmallows… I think you get the point. Now is not the time to exercise restraint.

Nutella is the ultimate comfort food, and putting it on literally anything will make it so much better. OK, maybe not everything, but, you know, most things for sure.

I’ve provided ingredient lists, but how much of each ingredient to add is really up to you! For a single shake, I typically start with three heaping scoops of ice cream and a few tablespoons of milk. Add more milk to thin out your shake, but not before adding your flavor elements. Chocolate sauce, extracts or liquor will thin out the shake without any additional milk needed. Toss in chunkier elements, like cookies or pretzels, right at the end so they don’t get too pulverized.


Just when you think you’ve gone far enough, take it over the line — WAY over the line. Add some height and drama to your shake with an extra treat that conveys the theme, like a giant lollipop, chocolate-dipped marshmallows or even a hunk of birthday cake.

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