Beautiful paper flowers tutorial

Aug 9, 2017 | Art & Crafts | 26 comments

Crepe paper flowers are a kind of beautiful all their own. When you base their colors on real blooms, they seem almost lifelike. But you also can combine your favorite colors with not-found-in-nature patterns and shapes to create fantasy flowers! Once you know the basics, it’s easy to experiment.

You will need:

Colored crepe paper Glue gun Scissors Wooden Marshmallow Sticks


Working with floral crepe is fun and quite simple. A few tips I will pass: First, there is a difference in crepe paper weights and therefore the amount of stretch it will have. Second tip is to make sure you cut along the grain. 

The most important part making realistic petals for crepe paper flowers is “cupping.” To cup the petals, grasp the petal between the thumbs and index fingers of both hands (thumbs on top). Very gently slide fingers and thumbs away from each other, gently stretching and forming the crepe paper into a cup. Leave an unstretched border to help the petal hold its shape.

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