A New 3D Printing Pen

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It is so much more than a 3D printing pen.
The main thing that sets the 3DSimo Mini apart from other 3D printing pens is its versatility. Not only can it print using PLA like the competitors, but because its tip is able to achieve a temperature as high as 490° Celsius, it’s able to print using 11 different materials. This includes ABS, PLA, HIPS, PET, Thermochrome, and even the composite materials which include wood and metals.
The key to this multi-functionality is the Mini’s interchangeable tips. The tips give the user the ability to turn this 3D printing pen into a35 soldering, cutting, and burning tool. Simply pop off the modular tip and place the desired toolhead onto the pen and voilà, you have a brand new tool.

The Mini’s general specifications:
Weight: 40 grams
Size: 163 x 36 x 22 mm
Max Temperature: 490°C
Power: microUSB 1.5 amp

The 3Dsimo mini printing pen arrived in a well-packaged small box, taking just 10 days to reach me after leaving the warehouse. The trouble with a 3D printing pen comes hand in hand with one of its biggest positives: the options are limitless in what you can create. I spent a while staring blankly at the pen as it was ready to go and I faced a huge case of creator’s block. haha

Spools of most 3D printing materials work with the pen, including ABS, PLA, HIPS, PETG, Wood, Flex, Teromochrome, Laybrick, Fluorescent, and carbon. The company also sells the materials for between 3 and 7 Euros (about $3.50 – $8), but you can buy the spools from other vendors, too. Some of the materials are flexible, shiny, glow-in-the-dark, or stiff.
The 3DSimo Mini is powered by a clip-on battery pack with a 2,000mAh battery inside. It’ll last about an hour before you need to juice it back up, though, so you’ll want to be close to an outlet. The pen is powered via Micro USB, so you can plug it into any battery pack or wall outlet. It’s somewhat of a hassle, but it’s the price you pay for a portable 3D printer.

A Large set of 3Dsimo mini that contains everything needed for creating without limits – $239.

Content :
1x 3Dsimo mini (packed with 4 different removable extansions, adapter, 15m of material and spare tips)
1x Power Pack
1x Wooden Stand
1x Drawing Plate
5x Paper Templates
5x Different wooden objects for burning (glasses, Christmas decorations, ring)
1x Pack of ABS
1x Pack of PLA
1x Pack of Wood
1x Pack of Metal
1x Pack of Termochrome
(75m of material in total)

3Dsimo + 45m of filament – $59

3D pen that is able to adapt flexibly to a rapidly developing market with a variety of materials for 3D printing thus giving the space to your creativity. Create models glowing in the dark or models changing color when the temperature changes. Draw into the air!

A small SET OF 3DSIMO MINI – $149

Pack contains :
1x 3Dsimo mini
1x Drawing pad
30m of filament
3x Wooden decorations
5x Templates

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