Salted Silk Scarf DIY

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Art & Crafts, DIY Projects

Create a gorgeous original silk scarf. If you’re a beginner, this sensual and goof-proof medium will bring out your inner artist. For experienced artists, silk painting is a satisfying new medium for expressing yourself spontaneously.

You will need:

Flat Crepe Silk Scarf
Tinfix Design Silk Dye colors
Silk Salt
Spray Bottle
Foam brushes


Stretch silk scarf on stretcher system or stretcher bars to fit scarf. Evenly spray entire surface of stretched scarf with water so that the fabric is wet but not dripping.

With first dye color, using a foam brush, begin to paint your design free-hand onto the wet silk surface.
Note: do not dilute your dye colors, pastels will not work with salt, when too much water is added to dye the salt effect is only slight, if at all.

Working quickly so wet silk doesn’t dry, apply colors, slightly overlapping or just touching each other on the silk.

Using silk salt or rock salt, sprinkle onto silk colors just applied. Put the salt between the colors to encourage them to blend together.  You may have to re-spray the remaining silk with water again if it has dried (only spray the unpainted, unsalted surface). Why salt? It sucks in the surrounding dye, which makes really cool patterns and textures. This is a watercolor painting trick.

Complete painting and allow to slowly dry. Keep in a cool location to allow slow drying and thereby insuring more dramatic salt effects. Do not move frame until scarf is completely dry. With a cardboard scraper, gently loosen and scoop dried salt from painted surface of scarf. Remove scarf from frame.

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