DIY Silk Scarf Hand Painted

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Art & Crafts, DIY Projects

Hello everyone!
I’m crazy about silk painting and wanted to share some of my creations with you! Hope you’ll like it! This one is called ‘Pansy flowers’ – it’s made on a natural Italian silk scarf. You just need a special type of paint for silk painting. Painting on silk is much like painting on canvas with waterpaint (but the paint is usually thinner, more delicate, so the painted material won’t become stiff). Check Out my Step by Step tutorial: Melting wax for tjantings

You will need:

Wooden frame
Dry silk
Three-prong silk tacks
Batik wax
Silk colors
Fine line applicators or Tjanting tools


Stretch the dry silk on a wooden frame (made a little bigger than the silk) and pin it to the frame with three-prong silk tacks. The next step is to apply the pattern. We can draw with pencil directly on the material or copy paper patterns.

The next step is applying the wax along the drawn lines and ornaments. When the wax in applied and dry, the fabric can be dyed.

Test the colors on paper first. The effect on paper is almost identical to the effect on silk. Brush a little water around the stamen of each flower to attain a watercolor effect. The fabric paint will act like a resist on the silk, keeping colors confined within the areas that were drawn with fabric paint.

Here’s the finished scarf! Well, it is finished with the painting process. Now I need to let it sit for at least 24 hours. Then it will be time to steam the silk to set the dye. 24 hours after that I can wash and iron the scarf and it will be ready for wear.

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