DIY Rustic Wine Rack

DIY Rustic Wine Rack Tutorial

The style is rustic modern.
I have become a plan making addict since teaching myself SketchUp and figured it was time to share. This wine rack is fairly simple to create on your own for a fraction of the cost.
All materials should cost under 20 euro, you can make this simple DIY Rustic Wine Rack yourself. This Rustic Wine Rack holds up to 5 standard sized wine bottles. It will also hold up to 6 standard sized wine glasses. Follow my project instructions to build wooden wine rack:

For this project you will need:

Wood sheet -18mm Hole saw Pocket Hole Screws
Tape Measure Pencil Speed Square Drill with Countersink Drill Bit Jigsaw Safety Glasses


Step 1. The Plan
The size is: 517 x 208 x 250 mm. I just had to draw up the plans for it right away! One day I started  and half an hour later the plan was laid out. Whatever material you might choose, always make sure that it is not too soft. I bought 18mm wood in the Leroy Merlin store.
Be sure and measure your first cut, then use the saw, then measure again, then cut, etc. Doing it this way will ensure your pieces are the correct measurements.
wine rack
Step 2. Saw a holes In the next step I had to saw a holes for and I did it with a simple jigsaw and a special blade for making round cuts. But you can also use a hole saw, place the appropriate guide marks in pencil, and then use a hole saw it will be a breeze.
Step 3. Assemble wood pieces as shown in illustration Predrill holes in wood and screw wood pieces together. I predrilled the outer wood with a small drill so it would not burst when I screwed in the bigger wood screws. Finish with 120-150 grit paper in the direction of the grain. I used my Ryobi Corner Cat sander to smooth edges and corners. This is what it looks like:
 If you build this, I’d love to see it! Please share and let me know how it turned out for you. What do you think?  I would LOVE for you to share it and PIN it with your friends guys! Enjoy this super quick and easy weekend project!  Cheers!

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