DIY heart-shaped roses arrangement

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As you know, we’re feeling even more loved-up than usual this week! So i thought it was the perfect time to share this gorgeous DIY porcelain roses Heart with you guys.I have always loved Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s because my mom name is Valentine, but I think it’s also because of all the sweets and shades of pink that float around this time of year. Check Out my Step by Step tutorial: Cold Porcelain Clay Roses DIY. You could even try it with good quality faux flowers.


First you’ll want to trace your heart onto your floral foam. If you don’t feel confident to do this freehand, you can always sketch it out on a large piece of craft paper first and then trace it onto the floral foam. Next, use a serrated bread knife or electric turkey carver to cut out your shape from the floral foam.

Second, cover the wires of the flowers and leaves with the florist tape.

The fun part! Begin to place your blooms, adding a few of the biggest flowers first to build your shape.Keep adding flowers one by one, making sure they’re tightly snug against eachother. And then, et voilà! Your roses heart is ready…

I LOVE how this turned out! It’s such a big statement piece, and since they are faux flowers, you can leave it up as long as you like or even save it for next year. This would also be really cute as a photo booth backdrop for a Valentine’s Day party. Hope you find an occasion to make this pretty project!
Do let me know if you’re planning to try this at home, whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, your wedding, or just as a gorgeous gift.

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