Cold Porcelain Clay roses diy

by | Apr 3, 2017 | Art & Crafts, DIY Projects

Cold Porcelain is air-drying modelling clay that can be easily made at home (for recipe & instructions click here). When dry it has the translucent quality that looks similar to porcelain. This type of clay is best used to make fine detail flower arrangements. A light dusting of yellow or pale green in the center of a blossom gives life to your flower.


Mould a piece of clay into a cone shape over the hook (the size of cone will determine the size of rose). Make sure the hook is secure in the cone and that there is no gap at the base.
Moisturise your fingers.. Roll a small amount of clay into a ball and press it with your finger ends in the palm of your hand to make a petal shape (your palm is ideal as it adds a natural curved shape to the petals).
Dust your flower with a pink shade, then use an even darker shade and a flat brush with a scraping motion against the edge of your thinnest petals. This give them definition and makes them look even thinner. Experiment with dusting your petals and leaves. You’ll be surprised at the wonderful effects you can achieve.
Wrap the petal around the cone leaving a small opening at the top (carefully lay the flower on the foil). Make another petal and wrap around the cone again. Continue making and placing the petals until you have the size rose. Tip: You will need to make the petals a little larger as the rose grows in size. Open out the later petals just like in a real rose by attaching them only at the lower section.
Leave to dry (this may take a couple of days due to the thickness of the base of the rose).

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