Amazing White and Black Kids Room

Nov 8, 2017 | Home & Garden | 1,119 comments

Photpgraphy: Anne Stolow Design: Erin If you are hunting some ideas of perfect and best play room or nursery room for your kid then you are surely at right place!. My friend, Erin, kindly agreed to let me take pictures of her home and share them with you. Erin’s home has inspired me in so many ways and I’m excited to pass the inspiration on to you. And here our pictures demonstrate you that how you can amazingly manage your kid’s room with all stuff which are required. You can adjust a play area shelves with books and table for your kid along with a beautiful baby coat for asleep.
Black and white color combination is not only suitable for the decoration of the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and will look good in the nursery. The black-and-white room is suitable for both girls and boys. Black and white – the color refers to the unisex.
For decor in black and white should think modernist style, minimalism, and Scandinavian style. Scandinavian-style nurseries find that perfect balance between serenity, style and vibrant hue, as they blend pops of color with a relaxing neutral backdrop.
Most nursery designs that we see tend to have a dedicated and colorful theme that is full of energy and excitement. But experts suggest that too much color in the nursery could mean sleepless nights for your baby, as the setting is far too stimulating.
For instance, the carpet in black with white figures, geometric shapes, or patterns with animals.
So now it’s time to have some brilliant and exciting ideas from our website that how you can make a perfect and ideal nursery or play room for your little naughty kid that makes your life much easier specially as a mom.



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