How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower

Summer is officially here, which means your lawn needs some tending to. If you’re confused about what type of mower you need or you’re just looking to justify the cost of upgrading, read on.

Personal preference and budget play a pivotal role for many people when it comes to mowing their lawn. Some people view it as a therapeutic workout and don’t mind pushing a mower for two hours, while others consider it a chore to be finished as quickly as possible. However, the type of lawn mower you need will largely be determined by three factors: the size of your lawn, level of terrain (flat or hilly), and the number and type of obstacles (trees, flower beds, etc.).

Beyond width, there are a couple other major features to consider when selecting a walk-behind mower:

Gas or electric: Gas mowers have longer runtime and offer more power than electric, but they can be messy and require more maintenance than their electric counterparts. You can spend $200-$400 or more on a quality gas mower, too.


Petrol Lawn Mowers

Pros: Great for mowing large areas and tackling rough grass. As they don’t have a power cable they’re great for mowing around large obstacles such as trees or ponds.

Cons: Heavy and some are very difficult to manoeuvre. You will need to service your petrol mower to keep it running smoothly.

The Cobra M46SPC is a good example of both value and quality engineering in a British designed lawnmower. The Cobra range of gardening equipment has been designed with our lawns and gardens in mind. The Cobra M46SPC has an 18 inch (46cm) cutting width and has been equipped with a power driven, self – propelled system. The M46SPC is fitted with a Cobra 135 cc petrol engine which uses unleaded petrol and 4-stroke engine oil. A self-propelled lawn mower has a power drive which propels you and the mower along at a comfortable working speed. The extra power this provides is especially useful if your lawns have any slopes, inclines or have uneven patches. The Cobra M46SPC allows you to choose from 10 different cutting height adjustments ranging from 25-75mm. The M46SPC is a rear collection mower with a rotary blade cutter system which collects the grass clippings into a 60 litre fabric grass bag.


Model : M46SPC
Type : 4 Wheel Rotary
Drive : Self Propelled
Engine : Cobra DG450 OHV
Capacity : 135 cc
Fuel : Unleaded petrol
Oil : 4 stroke
Cutting Width : 46cm (18 inch)
Cutting Height : 10 stages from 25-75mm
Grass Bag Capacity : 60 litres
Weight : 28kg

Warranty : Manufacturer’s 2 year home owner

The AL-KO Highline 42.7 SP-A rotary cut mower has a 42 cm cut, single speed power drive and AL-KO petrol engine. The Highline 42.7 SP-A has replaced the 42BR-A but with a higher specification. It has an ULTRAMOW steel cutter deck which is pressed from a single sheet of steel which improves strength and efficiency.

The Highline 42.7 SP-A 4 wheel lawn mower has a 3-in-1 mowing function so you can choose between collection, rear discharge and mulch. Clippings are collected into the rigid grass box which has a built in fill-level indicator so you know when it needs emptying. Adjusting the cutting heights is easy with an individual wheel. Set the wheel through 7 stages from 25 – 75 mm.

Instead of collecting the grass clippings choose between discharging them to the rear of the mower and mulching them into very tiny pieces. Mulching is a good way to recycle the grass and feed the lawn as the tiny grass pieces are rich in nutrients and as they wilt they will release these back into the soil.


Ergonomic handlebars maximise comfort and have a full width safety bar.

65 litre EasyClick rigid grass box designed for optimum airflow improving the filling performance. Level indicator to alert you when the collector is full and guide rail so it can be removed and reattached easily.

Highline lawnmowers can be stood vertically for cleaning the deck or space saving storage.

3INONE Function: Mow, collect and mulch

XL wheels with ball bearings for easy handling.


Model: Highline 42.7 SP-A

Type: 4 wheel

Blade Type: Rotary

Cutting Width: 42cm / 16 inch

Engine: AL-KO Pro 125

Displacement: 123cc

Power: 2kW

Drive: Yes, single speed

Cutting Deck: UltraMow steel

Fuel: Petrol

Engine Oil: 4 stroke (0.6l bottle included)

Cutting Height Adjustment: Individual wheel

Cutting Heights: 7 stages from 25 – 75 mm

Grass Box Capacity: 65l

Grass Box Type: Rigid with fill indicator

Mulching: Yes

Wheel Size: 180 / 205 mm, ball bearings

Weight: Approx 26kg

Warranty: Manufacturer’s 5 year for domestic use only

The Stiga Combi 48 SB is a 46cm rotary cut lawn mower with power drive to the rear wheels to take the strain out of mowing your grass. A four wheeled mower like this Stiga Combi 48SB will provide a good cut and finish to most types of lawn.

The Stiga 48 SB is a combination 3 in 1 lawnmower which will collect, rear discharge or mulch your grass cuttings. Mulching will cut the clippings up into fine particles which disappear back down into the lawn providing extra nutrients for a greener, lusher appearance.

Engine : Briggs and Stratton 550 Series

Engine Capacity : 158cc

Deck Material : Steel

Starter : Recoil / Manual

Drive : Yes – Rear wheel drive

Cutting Width : 46cm (18″)

Cutting Heights : 5 from 27-80mm

Cutting Height Settings : Central – 1 Lever

Grass Collector : 60 litre plastic with bag full indicator

Folding Handles : Yes

Wheels : 180/240mm

Bearings : Yes

Weight : 31kg

Manufacturer’s 5 Year Extended Domestic Warranty

Electric mowers can be corded or cordless and are much cleaner to operate than gas, but unless you have two batteries (for cordless), there is always a chance you could run out of juice. Of course, with a corded model you’re limited by the length of your cord, which can be a nuisance to mow around.

Electric Lawn Mowers

Pros: Corded electric rotary lawn mowers are often the cheapest option. Battery-powered cordless machines are currently much more expensive. Both types of mower are great choices for a family lawn as they can tackle patches of long grass and as most collect grass clippings you don’t have to worry about mowing too often.

Cons: Cordless electric mowers are still very expensive. The cable from corded models tends to get tangled up in borders and you may need an extension cable, too.

The Bosch Rotak 36R is a 4 wheel electric lawn mower powered by a 1400w mains electric motor with a 36cm cutting width. The ergonomic handles help with both the handling of the lawnmower and the operatorsメ posture which reduces fatigue. The rubber coated wheels help to make the mower run smoothly over the lawn and a lawn drum produces a striped effect.
The Bosch Rotak 36R gives excellent grass cutting and collection due to the hardened steel cutting blade and Bosch airflow technology. The Bosch Rotak 36R mower has 6 adjustable cutting heights between 20-70mm and a 40 litre grass collector.

QuickClick handle system for tool-free assembly
Rubber coated wheels help the mower to run smoothly
Grass combs which mow the grass right up to the edge
Lawn drum for stripes

Model : Rotak 36R
Type : Electric rotary
Power : 1400w motor
Cutting Width : 36cm
Cutting Heights : 6 adjustments from 20 – 70mm
Grass Collector Capacity : 40 litre
Weight : 12kg
Warranty : Manufacturer’s 2 year

The Cobra GTRM40 is an excellent value mains electric lawn mower with a 40cm / 16 inch cutting width.
Compact but powerful the Cobra GTRM 40 is fitted with a 1500w mains electric motor and has a rear roller for giving your lawn a traditional striped finish.
The grass cutting heights can be adjusted very easily to 6 stages with a central lever from 20 – 75mm. The rear plastic grass box has a 45 litre capacity and can be easily unattached and emptied by lifting the top flap. Larger rear wheels make the Cobra GTRM40 mower easier to control and handle over uneven ground.

Motor : 1500w
Cutting Width : 40cm / 16 inch
Cutting Heights : 6 stages from 20 – 75mm
Cutting Height Adjustment : Central Lever
Grass Bag Capacity : 45 litres
Collection Window : Yes
Mulching : Yes
Rear Roller : Yes
Mains Cable : 10 metres
Weight : 14kg
Sound Level : 96dB
Warranty : Manufacturer’s 1 Year

The Wolf Garten E40E 40cm Expert Electric Lawnmower is powered by a quiet 1600w, 230v motor. As well as offering many more features than the standard electric mower, Wolf Garten machines also come with a 5 year guarantee. Electric lawn mowers offer low-maintenance and are environmentally-friendly compared to petrol mowers.

The Wolf Garten Expert range comes with the patented Triplex System®. This effective airflow system guarantees optimum grass collection whether the grass is wet, dry or long. The E40E has a wide 40mm cutting width, the cutting heights are adjusted by a simple lever and range from 25 to 80 mm.

Wolf Garten’s advanced CCM-system offers 3 in 1 mowing functions. The E40E gives you the option to cut and discharge, collect or mulching the grass clippings. Wolf Garten’s advanced CCM-system offers a choice of cutting, collecting or mulching the grass clippings. The collection bag is a spacious 55 litre and has a grass level indicator. The mulching option produces fine deposits of free nutrient-rich fertiliser for your lawn.

To remove the frustration of tangled electrical wires the E40E has the addition of Wolf Garten’s Flick-Flack® cable-guide. To reduce the need for extension leads the  E40E has a 20 metre cable, which should comfortably reach to the end of your garden.

The Wolf Garten E40E is fitted with quality ball-bearing wheels for a smoother mowing experience and soft-grip folding handle. The E40E is simple to transport and easy to store.

Perfect for large gardens, the E40E is a lot of mower for a very attractive price.


  • Motor: 1600W, 230V synchronous induction
  • Propulsion: Hand push, rotary
  • Chassis: Plastic
  • Cutting width: 40cm
  • Cutting Height: 25mm-80mm, Central, 5 positions
  • Collection: 55L collapsible fabric grass bag with full bag indicator
  • “3-in-1” cut, collecting wet or dry, mulch function
  • Anti-kink cable protection
  • Ball bearing wheels
  • Height adjustable handlebar
  • Flick-Flack® cable
  • 20m cable supplied
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Warranty: 5 year manufacturer’s

Cutting type: Walk-behind mowers deal with grass clippings in one of three ways: side discharge, which distributes the clippings back onto the lawn; mulching, which cuts the clippings into very fine pieces which break down and release nutrients back into the soil; and bagging, which collects clippings into a bag which is disposed of with yard waste. Some mowers like the Stiga Combi 48 SB offer all three cutting options.

Cordless Mowers

The Stiga SLM 3648 AE 48v Cordless Lawnmower uses the Stiga 48v, 5Ah lithium-lon battery, which are interchangeable with all the Stiga 48v cordless tool range. This lightweight cordless mower offers practical cable-free mowing, plus it’s environmentally-friendly due to its fume-free battery power.

Able to mow up to 200m2 on a single charge, the The Stiga SLM 3648 AE comes with a cutting width of 34cm. The cuttings heights have 6 settings which range from 25-75mm and are easy to change with a single lever adjustment.

The Stiga SLM 3648 AE is built with their 3 in 1 grass cutting technology, which function’s allow you to either collect grass cuttings into the grass box or return cuttings back to the lawn. The grass box has a 35L capacity and a handy window so you can monitor the grass levels. The mulching function discharges the cuttings via the rear of the mower. The grass clippings are cuts it into very tiny pieces which are distributed back onto the lawn, this method adds to the health of the lawn by adding nutrients and deterring moss.

The The Stiga SLM 3648 AE is designed with a lightweight polypropylene chassis. The larger rear wheels make the mower easier to manoeuver across uneven ground. The handles are soft-grip for comfort and fold for storage.

Comes complete with the Stiga SBT 5048AE 5.0Ah battery, Stiga SCG48AE battery charger and mulch plug.


  • Type: 4 wheel rotary cordless, hand-propelled
  • Motor: 500w DigiTorq Brushless
  • Battery Required: 48v Lithium-Ion
  • Battery charging time: 2 hours
  • Starter: Push Button
  • Chassis: Polypropylene
  • Cutting Width: 34cm
  • Cutting Heights: 6 from 25-75mm
  • Cutting Height Adjustment: Single Lever
  • Grass Collection: 35 litres, rigid plastic with window
  • 3-in-1 Collection and mulching
  • Wheels Size: Front 140mm, Rear 170mm grooved
  • Handles: Folding and Soft Grip
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years

Cordless or battery operated gardening equipment offer machines with no trailing electric cables or petrol engines to maintain. They start at a push of a button are lightweight to handle and can be stored away easily after use. The Cobra range offers 2 models the hand-propelled 41cm cut and the self-propelled 46cm cut. The power and performance of the Samsung batteries mean they can be 80% charged in only 45 minutes. The Cobra MX4140V is a 41cm / 16 inch rotary cut lawn mower which uses a Samsung 40v lithium-ion battery. This push cordless mower has many excellent features including the LED display battery power indicator, high quality fabric and hard top grass bag and height adjustable handles. The MX4140V uses a simple lever located on the rear wheel to adjust the cutting height positions through 7 positions from 25 – 75mm. These adjustments offer the user a very low cut on the lawn during dry conditions when the best cut possible is obtained through to the highest setting for mowing longer grass. The large 50 litre capacity of the grass bag means you can spend more time mowing and less time stopping to empty the collector.


Model : MX4140V
Type : Battery powered
Battery : 1 x Samsung 40V Lithium-ion 4.0Ah
Starter : Push button
Drive : Hand propelled
Cutting Width : 41cm / 16 inch
Cutter Deck Material : Steel
Height of Cut : Single lever
Cutting Height Adjustments : 7 from 25 – 75mm
Grass Bag Material : Fabric with hard top
Grass Bag Capacity : 50 litres
Charge Time : 80% in 45 minutes

Warranty : Manufacturer’s 2 year domestic

The Bosch 32LI ErgoFlex cordless lawn mower has a 36v rechargeble Lithium ion battery, 32cm (approx 12″) cutting width and the Bosch Ergoflex design incorporating ergonomically shaped and adjustable handles for a better mowing position and reduced muscle strain on your arms. A small cordless mower is ideal if you have a small garden and you don’t want the hassle and safety problems of using mains leads.The Bosch 32LI cordless lawnmower has 3 adjustable grass cutting heights from 30-60mm and a 31 litre rear grass collector.

Power : 36v Li-ion battery
Battery charge time: 90 hours
Rapid Charge : 80% in 30 minutes charging
Cutting Width : 32cm
Cutting Heights : 3, central between 30-60mm
Grass Collector : 31 litres
Fold Down handles
Bosch close cut grass combs
Weight : 9.9kg

Manufacturer’s 2 Year Domestic Warranty

Robot lawn mowers

If the thought of cutting the grass makes you want to sink further into the sofa then you could consider a robot lawn mower that does the work for you. These devices are good alternatives to ride-on mowers, since some can cover up to 5,000sq.m, as well as anyone who wants to keep their lawn neat with minimal effort. They will also be a boon to anyone who struggles with pushing around a heavy mower. Once you’ve set the mower up, which requires you to set boundaries, so it doesn’t barrel through your hydrangeas, and programme it, so it will mow your lawn at scheduled times. You’ll also require you to set up a perimeter wire, so the machine can detect the edges and size of your lawn. Some models also have smart features, which means you can control and set up the device from an app on your smartphone or tablet. Robot mowers have a charging dock that sits outside your home and the mower will automatically return to it when its batteries are almost flat, or when it has finished cutting the grass.

Pros: completely autonomous once you’ve set it up, no need to empty the grass, automatic charging and scheduled mowing Cons: can be very expensive, fitting the perimeter wire can be fiddly

Designed for lawns up to 500m2 the Robomow RC304u robotic lawn mower can be programmed to start and stop mowing when you like with the automatic smart scheduling. The RC304u uses a reversible tri-blade which mulches the grass into tiny pieces virtually disappearing into the lawn for a lovely cut and finish. The Robomow RC304u is powered by a 26v 2.4Ah lithium battery which is automatically charged when the lawnmower returns to the base station.

Attached to the base station the Robomow RC304u automatic lawn mower leaves it’s base station at the appointed time and returns there at the end of the run to re-charge ready for the next cutting cycle.

The RC304u is equipped with a rain sensor so the mower will stop cutting in wet conditions and returns directly to the base. The tilt sensor stops the blades rotating if the lawnmower tilts too far over or is picked up. The anti-theft protection, disabling system and an alarm system are standard for extra peace of mind.

The Robomow RC304u can even drive itself to the next mowing area even if this means crossing a path or terrace. The RoboMow RC304u automatic lawn mower comes complete with 150 metres of perimeter wire and 200 pegs.

Maximum lawn size under ideal mowing conditions: 1000 square metres

Model : RC304u
Recommended Mowing Area  : Up to 500 square metres
Mowing Width : 28cm
Blades : 1 tri-blade
Blade Replacement : Snap Fit
Average Time on Lawn : 45 – 50 minutes
Mowing Heights : 15 – 60mm
Base Station : Yes
Slopes : Yes, up to 20 degrees (36%)
Manual Mowing Option : Yes (with optional remote control)
Multi-Zones : 3 sub zones, 2 separated zones
Rain Sensor : Yes
Noise Level : 64db(A) in ECO mode
Anti-Theft : Pin code and Alarm
Blue Tooth Connectivity
Lift and Tilt Sensor : Blade will automatically stop if the Robomow is lifted or tilted over
Battery Charging Time : 45 – 70 minutes
Weight : Approx 11.1kg (incl batteries)
Dimensions : 63 x 46 x 21 cm
Average Working Time : 45 – 50 minutes depending on grass conditions
Extension Cable : 15m
Complete with Base Station, Perimeter switch, Perimeter Wire (150M) and 200 pegs

Warranty : Manufacturer’s 2 year

Brand new to the Bosch range of gardening equipment for 2013 is the Indego Robotic (battery) lawnmower with a 26cm cutting width and 10 different mowing heights.
Powered by a lithium ion 32v battery the Bosch Indego cuts the lawn automatically without you having to do the hard work. Sit back and relax while the lawn is mown for you.The most time saving mower you will find to help around the garden. The Bosch Indego has a cutting area of up to 1000 square metres. The Indego can mow approx 2000 square feet in 20 minutes depending on the lawn type. The Indego will then return to it’s base recharge and go out again if needed.
The Bosch ‘Logicut’ technology maps out the most efficient cutting route on your lawn and mows in a regular pattern. The Indego also varies it’s cutting direction to promote a healthier growing lawn.

Power : Lithium-ion Battery 32.4v
Full Battery Charge Time : 90 minutes
Battery Running Time : Approx 50 minutes depending on lawn type
Base / Charging Station Included
Cutting Width : 26cm
Cutting Heights : 20-60mm
Cutting Height Adjustments : 10 positions
Cutting Blades : 3 thin and angled
Maximum Slope to ground : 35 degrees
Approx Weight : 17kg

Manufacturer’s 2 Year Domestic Warranty

Go for a Ride if You Have a Huge Lawn

Riding mowers are made for lawns that are just beyond the scope of anyone wanting to push a walk-behind mower. If it takes you more than two hours to mow your lawn it might be time to upgrade. Riding mowers have a rear-mounted motor and only provide the basics in comfort. They’re built for mowing smaller lawns and finishing the job quickly. These are priced from $600-$1000.

Lawn tractors are a big step up and offer more powerful engines and wider cutting decks. Some offer power takeoff (PTO) capabilities which allow you to hook up attachments such as spreaders, aerators, or snow throwers to your lawn tractor. Advanced features to look for include four-wheel steering, headlights, high-back seats, 12 volt outlets, and cruise control. These can start at $1,500 and run upwards of $4,000 or more.

Ride On Lawn Mowers

The Stiga Combi 1066H is a rear-wheeled drive ride-on mower with hydrostatic (automatic) transmission. Powered by a Stiga 224cc petrol engine, the 1066H is an ideal entry-level ride-on mower and suited for use on garden areas up to 0.75 acres. The hydrostatic transmission makes operating the ride-on similar to an automatic car and rugged tyres grip to lawn surfaces even when dewy or wet.

With a compact cutting width of 66cm (26″) and a 155cm turning circle, the Stiga Combi 1066H will manoeuvre speedily around your garden, leaving a desirably even finish. The 6 cutting heights can be adjusted by single lever and height options range from 30mm to 80mm. The 1066H offers collecting and mulching options. For collection, the cuttings are gathered into a 150 litre hard top fabric collector. For mulching, the kit is inserted directly into the rear discharge chute and from there you can continue mowing. The grass cuttings will be mulched into fine pieces and returned to the lawn where they’re absorbed for extra moisture and nutrients.

Please Note: A side discharge option is not available for this model.


  • Starter: Electric Key
  • Engine : Stiga, 224cc, 5750 single cylinder
  • Net Power Output: 3.6kW @ 2450RPM
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic and Reverse
  • Drive: Rear Wheel
  • Blade Engagement: Manual
  • Cutting Width: 66cm – 26 inches
  • Cutting Heights: 30mm to 80mm (6 positions)
  • Grass Collector Full Buzzer: No
  • Grass Collector Size: 150 Litres
  • Mulching Kit: Included
  • Side Discharge: No
  • Wheels: Front 13” Rear 15”
  • Head Lights: No
  • Safety Features: Seat with safety contact Breaker
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.8 litre
  • Battery Charger: Yes
  • Turning Circle : 155cm
  • Overall Length : 183cm
  • Overall Width : 73cm
  • Weight: 130kg
  • Lawn Size: Up to 0.75acre
  • Warranty : 2 Years

Compact ride on lawn mowers or lawn riders are good machines if you have a large area to mow but there is restricted access on to it.

The Solo by AL-KO R7-62.5 ride on mower has a powerful Briggs and Stratton 950E 223cc OHV engine. With a cutting width of 62cm (24.5”) the Solo R7-62.5 is ideal for medium to large gardens and the offset cutting deck allows the user to cut nearer to walls and edges.

The Alko R7-62.5 has a 2INONE mowing function with the option to either collect or rear discharge the grass cuttings. The 130 litre grass collection box is emptied from the driving seat using a telescopic lever. In longer grass and areas where a fine finish is not required a rear discharge function lets the cuttings fall neatly behind the mower where they wilt back naturally.

The Briggs and Stratton 950E Series™ engine is powerful with an electric key start fitted. The engine uses Over Head Valve technology helping the machine to run cooler & cleaner, whilst delivering improved power, performance and fuel economy.

The manual transmission has 4 forward and 1 reverse gear and is as easy to operate as a car gearbox. Should you need to access the engine the driver’s seat folds up for easy access.


Model : R7-62.5
Type : Compact rear collection
Engine : Briggs and Stratton 950E OHV
Starter : Electric start
Engine Capacity : 223cc
Transmission : 4 forward & 1 reverse
Cutting Width : 62cm
Function : 2in1
Rear Collect
Rear Discharge
Collector Capacity : 130l
Weight : 120kg

Manufacturer’s 5 year domestic warranty

Lawn riders or compact ride-on mowers are suited to properties with narrow access or lawns where mowing with a regular walk behind lawnmower has become impractical.

The McCulloch M105-77XC has a narrow 30 inch cutting width with an overall width of 37.4”. The manual transmission has a simple drive lever system with shift on the go so the speed can be controlled easily with the 3 forward and 1 reverse gear. Equipped with a Briggs and Stratton petrol engine, it is started with a key and has a single cylinder producing 344cc of power.

A grass box and mulching kit are included as standard so you can change between collecting or mulching as you mow. The 2 bag collector has a 150 litre capacity and if the mulching kit is fitted then collection isn’t necessary as the cuttings are cut then re-cut several times into small pieces which are blown back onto the ground ready for re-cycling into the lawn. The pieces are so small they virtually disappear on the lawn and give additional moisture & nutrients to the grass roots.

The cutting height lever is easily accessed from the driving seat and can be adjusted through 4 positions from 38 – 102mm.


Ergo vented seat with adjustable back height

Ergonomic, comfort steering wheel

Wide rear tyres for improved traction

Fuel level window

Cup holder


Engine: Briggs & Stratton 3105

Net power: 6.2 kW @ 2800 rpm

Cylinder displacement: 344 cm³

Cylinders: 1

Starter: Electric key start

Battery: 12 V 6 Ah

Fuel tank volume: 5.7 lit

Transmission type: Manual

Drive method: Lever-operated

Cutting width: 77 cm / 30 inch

Uncut circle: 164 cm / 64.6 inch

Cutting methods: Collect/Mulch

Collector Capacity: 150 litres

Mulching Kit: Included

Cutting height, min-max 38 – 102 mm / 1.5 – 4 inch

Cutting height adjustments: 4

Blade engagement: Manual

Blades: 1

Manufacturer’s Conditional Warranty: 1 year machine, 2 years engine

Lawn and Garden Tractors

With outstanding European design and build quality the AL-KO Solo range offers a superb driving and comfort experience with features normally associated with premium brand cars. The Solo range has models with cutting widths from 95cm – 125cm and both single & twin cylinder Briggs and Stratton petrol engines.
The AL-KO Solo T16-95.6 HD garden tractor has hydrostatic (automatic) transmission with a twin cylinder Briggs and Stratton engine and 95cm cutting width. Extra features include the wide tyres, cruise control, sports style steering wheel, adjustable seat and external tank filler.
The 3 in 1 functions of the T16-95.6 HD include rear collection, rear discharge and mulching. The grass box can be emptied by simply pulling the lever. Mulching is achieved by inserting the mulch plug into the discharge channel.

External petrol tank refuelling. Fill up like a car, no need to open the bonnet.
Parking brake located under the steering wheel for convenient access.
Wide tyres for optimum traction
High capacity Grass collector. The 310 litre collector can either be emptied from the driving seat with the rear lever or if you have the optional electric tip pack fitted with just a push of the button.
Sports type steering wheel
Comfortable and adjustable driving seat
Steel frame and cast axle for strength and durability

Type : 3 in 1
Model : Powerline T16-95.6 HD
Engine : Briggs & Stratton Intek Series 7160
Cylinders : Twin
Engine Displacememt : 656cc (horsepower no longer quoted)
Power : 10.5kW / 2,900 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity : 8 litres
Transmission : Foot hydrostatic
Blade Engagement : Electromagnetic
Number of Blades : 2
Cutting Heights : 30 – 90mm
Cutting Height Adjustment :Central, 7 stages
Cutting Width : 95cm
Collector Volume : 310 litres
Tip Mechanism : Telescopic lever as standard
Electric Tip : Optional Extra
Mulch Kit : Included
Tyre Size : 15 inch / 20 inch
Headlights : Yes
Cast Axle : Yes
Cruise Control : Yes
Length (with collector) : 251cm
Length (without collector) : 210cm
Height : 117cm
Width : 100cm
Weight : 238kg
Towing Hitch : Optional Extra

Manufacturer’s 5 year domestic warranty

This John Deere X165 ride on lawnmower features a Briggs & Stratton OHV twin cylinder engine, hydrostatic transmission, 48″ side discharge 3 in cutter deck, fully welded frame, cast-iron front axle and fully enclosed UV resistant bonnet.

The unique dome shaped John Deere cutting deck provides outstanding grass lift for a superior even cut. The welded 48″ mower deck with a completely smooth underside prevents grass build-up leaving a well manicured, clipping free appearance.
Plus, a rolled outer edge and industry exclusive dual stage paint process provides extra strength and protection from rust.

Two Pedal Foot Control. Put your foot down on endless shifting with the automatic transmission. Two pedal controls let you easily change speed and direction. Or to keep the perfect pace, simply set the cruise control for convenient mowing in wide open spaces. The manoeuvrable John Deere X100 Garden Tractors feature a tight 45cm (18in) turning radius for quick turns around trees and other obstacles.

The John Deere X165 lawn tractor even features an hour meter that monitors operating hours and a reminder alerts you when it’s time for servicing! It also features the all new ‘soft touch’ steering wheel, making manoeuvrability of the machine effortless


Briggs & Stratton OHV Twin Cylinder engine

Net power of 13.3kw at 3350 rpm

Two pedal control hydrostatic transmission

48 inch side discharge 3 in 1 mower deck with mulch cover

High back seat with lumbar support, Electric PTO

Hour meter with service reminder

Cruise control

Closable storage compartment

Optional Two bag cut / throw 230 litre collector

Manufacturer’s 2 year (conditional) warranty


The Stiga Estate 7102 HWS is a high spec lawn tractor suitable for general purpose lawn and garden grass cutting. Supplied with both a towing hitch and mulching plug so you can make the most of your lawn and garden.
With the mulching kit fitted you can use your Stiga tractor without the grass box in place and it will cut & re-cut the grass cuttings in to fine pieces which are deposited back on to the ground. These fine pieces are re-absorbed into the soil providing nutrients and moisture to the grass roots for a healthier lawn. If you cut with the mulch plug inserted it is recommended to only cut a third of the grass height at a time for the best performance and lawn finish.
The 102 cm (40″) cutter deck can be adjusted through 7 cutting positions from 30-90 mm always ensuring the correct cut for your grass.

Engine: Kawasaki FS 600 V V-Twin
Engine Capacity : 603cc
Net Power Output : 10.4 kW @ 2500 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity : 7 litres
Fuel : Unleaded petrol
LED Display : Yes
Transmission: Hydrostatic + Reverse
Parking Brake : Yes
Cutting Width: 102 cm (40″)
Deck Engagement: Electronic switch
Height of Cut: 30-90mm (7 positions)
Collector Capacity: 320 litres
Collector Full Buzzer : Yes
Wheels : Front 15″, Rear 18″
Seat : Adjustable with armrests & safety contact breaker
Turning Circle : 160cm
Overall Length x width : 263cm x 105cm
Weight: 241kg
Warranty : 5 years

What features do I need?

Lawn mowers can come with a number of features. We explain what each one does below. At the very least, look out for metal blades, which will be able to cut cleanly through grass. A large grass box can be really useful if you don’t mow that often, while a roller will give a traditional striped finish to your lawn.

Grass collector

A grass collector is a cloth bag or plastic box that holds the grass clippings created by your mower. A big grass collector saves numerous trips to the compost heap. A window in the top, or an indicator to tell you when it’s full, is also useful, but a lot of them don’t work particularly well. With hand-push mowers, the grass collector is open and relies on the rotating blades to throw clippings into it. We’ve found that a lot of these types of grass collectors don’t work very well at all.

Lawn mower cutting height

This is simply the height above the ground that the lawn mower will cut the grass. A lawn mower with a wide cutting range (eg from 12-70mm) is useful if you have to cut more than one lawn of different qualities, or different heights at different times of the year. If you want to cut a fine ornamental (bowling green) lawn, look for a minimum cut of around 13mm. A single height adjuster is easier than adjusting each wheel in turn. With the cheapest lawn mowers, you have to remove and replace each wheel, or in the case of hover mowers, remove the blade and add or remove spacers, which is fine if you rarely change the cutting height.

Long switch

Many mowers have a single operating switch on the right-hand side of the handle that needs to be held down for the mower to be used. A long switch is a bar that runs the width of the handle, allowing you to use both hands to switch mower on, to save wrist strain. It’s better for left-handers, too. A double-switch, on both sides of the handle, is also a good option.

Mulching mowers

Mulching mowers recut the lawn clippings into tiny pieces and blow them back on to the lawn, where they break down and feed the grass. Some have a metal or plastic plate that blocks off the outlet to the grass collector, while others have a knob that converts quickly from collect to mulch.

What size lawn mower do I need?

Choosing the right size lawn mower for the size of your lawn makes all the difference in terms of being easy to use. Too large a mower on a small lawn and you’ll struggle to manoeuvre it in tight corners, while too small a lawn mower on a large lawn and you’ll find it takes much longer to cut all the grass. Lawn mower size is measured in blade width. Basically the larger the blade, the larger the machine and the more grass it will cut on each pass.

Small lawn – under 50 sqm – look for a 30-34cm cutting width

Medium lawn – over 50 sqm but under 150sqm – look for a 35-40cm cutting width

Large lawn – over 150sqm – look for a cutting width over 40cm



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