Paper feather collage wall art tutorial

Paper feather collage wall art tutorial Paper feather collage wall art tutorial. As a simple shape, a feather is really just a somewhat curvy, kinda long and skinny type shape. As having pattern, it really just looks like there are lots of fine downward pointing lines...

Last minute gift DIY

Last minute gift DIY It’s not too late, even though it probably feels like it is. A quick run to a craft or hobby store and you can create a personal handmade gift that the recipient will never know you made in a pinch. A handmade family frame or any type of picture...

World’s Easiest Silicone Mold – EASY and CHEAP

World’s Easiest Silicone Mold – EASY and CHEAP This is a really easy and fast way of making a silicone mold. You can quickly take casts of anything hard and durable and remove it when the silicone is set after about 1 hour! Then your mold is ready to go!...

Twine Ball Light Garland

Twine Ball Light Garland I’ve seen twine balls used for all sorts of purposes, from chandeliers to pretty table decor, so I thought I’d have a go at making a light garland using this idea. I wanted something that would create a really pretty lighting effect, but I...

Beautiful paper flowers tutorial

Beautiful paper flowers tutorial Crepe paper flowers are a kind of beautiful all their own. When you base their colors on real blooms, they seem almost lifelike. But you also can combine your favorite colors with not-found-in-nature patterns and shapes to create...

DIY Gallium Fidget Spinner

DIY Gallium Fidget Spinner There are a couple of different ways to make a fidget spinner, like cutting out cardboard or using old recycled lighters. But this one is uniqe, i want to show you how to make a gallium fidget spinner.Have you ever seen fidget spinners made...
July 2022

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