Twine Ball Light Garland

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Art & Crafts | 618 comments

I’ve seen twine balls used for all sorts of purposes, from chandeliers to pretty table decor, so I thought I’d have a go at making a light garland using this idea. I wanted something that would create a really pretty lighting effect, but I also wanted the string to have quite a strong and vibrant colour.

You will need:

Twine – Either plain or in colours of your choosing
PVA Glue – About 1/2 litre
Plastic cup for the glue mixture
Led light garland
Fishing wire

To make, I gathered up my strands of yarn and twine, some balloons, and a variety of glue sources we had around. I used 12″ balloons for this project, blown up about halfway – just to the point where they got round in shape. Watch the video below

You can either hang them by themselves for decoration or use them for other purposes. Place a flameless LED candle inside (we recommend flameless so as not to cause any fire hazard).

But seriously, I wish you could see how cute they really turned out. I plan to put these above my dessert table at the party. I think they will be just the touch of whimsy that I’ll need to tie it in with the rest of the party. Those garlands are an easy way to jazz up a party, wedding, or just have an easy craft day.


I am not crafty at all (my 13 year old daughter is – still cannot figure that one out) but I think this may be a craft that we could do together! Thanks so much for posting this! I think we will make some red and white ones for the chandelier in the dining room.




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