DIY Macrame Hanging Jars

DIY Macrame Hanging Jars I thought I’d share a very easy D.I.Y. project with you – a simple Macramé Outdoor Lantern. A hanging jar would be perfect as a candle holder, lantern for any outdoor dinner parties you might have in the summer with friends. The only skill you...

Upcycled Gift Wrap ideas

Upcycled Gift Wrap ideas I’m in the process of getting my wrapping materials ready: recycled craft paper,  recycled shipping paper,  grocery bags, twine and dried flowers. .Don’t have wrapping paper lying around? It’s all good! Look around your house and see...

Engagement ring box DIY

Engagement ring box DIY This box uses regular cardboard that usually gets thrown away. It makes a sturdy box for storing small things, you can basically make it any size you like. it would make a great gift box for jewelry, or for storing different items. You...

Carving cork stamps DIY

Carving cork stamps DIY I have fun plans for Valentines day cards this year, so i decide to make a heart stamp! If you have some old wine corks laying around you can easily carve your own little stamps! It’s easy, fast (and free) way to make them yourself. You...

DIY Wine Cork Memo Board

DIY Wine Cork Memo Board I have lots of saved wine corks waiting for a new project. I’m thinking we need to create one of these upcycled Wine Cork Memo Boards.  Construction is pretty easy: Cut corks in half and use wood glue or hot glue to attach them. You will...
July 2022

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