How to Build a Walkway with Plastic Path Maker Mold

Aug 11, 2017 | Home & Garden | 113 comments

Making your own garden path is easy and saves you money! You may wonder why using a mold is better than buying ready-made pavers. Using a mold to make concrete pavers is a fun and easy way to create your own unique walkway or patio. It gives you complete freedom of thought to create a pattern on your lawn. Design your own beautiful and inexpensive path around your house to give your family a pleasant surprise. It’s an excellent project for creative thinkers, and a cost-effective solution for your yard or garden.

You will need:

  Preparation (for one paver: 9 pounds (4 kg) of cement and 26 pounds (12 kg) of sand, water). Spatula or other suitable tool Mold: I bought mine on Amazon. Price: US $26.03  
If you want to create a car port, you must first prepare a concrete base and smooth it.

Let’s start!

Wet the mold with water before you begin adding concrete. Set the mold on the ground or a pre-prepared concrete surface. With a bucket or trowel, fill each cavity of the mold with concrete. The concrete should not be too liquid. Gently remove excess with a spatula or other suitable tool. Then you should wait about 20 min. After that, carefully remove the mold.  
Butt the mold against the first section and continue building your walkway. By rotating the mold one-quarter turn each time, you create a variation in the pattern. Note: Clean the concrete garden molds for reusing, spray them with garden hose. Garden stone mold can be used again right after you pour the first garden stepping stone so you do not have to wait.
After hardening, the cracks between the stones can be filled with sand, or even soil to fill with lawn seeds. You can also add a pigment to make your garden path look better.

very strong tool and reliable

Very reliable product i used in all my garden to make path, it’s very strong and the finishing of the concrete is awesome, you just need to wash it after each use to maintain it clean very happy 🙂

best idea for diy projects

This is so easy to use me and my sister made so many tiles like this and played with the colours too its original and pretty and the shipping was fast and wrapped perfectly

DIY Plastic Path Maker Mold

Great product, good construction and very easy to use and clean, 15-20 mm concrete, then press the form. 25 square meters took about 6 hours, wonderful results. Very pleased with the product, bought three pieces, undo me, friends who saw the results are impressed.



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