How to make a cool fidget spinner without bearings

by | Aug 15, 2017 | Upcycled DIYs | 16 comments

I only learned what a fidget spinner was a few days before I actually tried to make one. And so, with just a small amount of knowledge of what I was doing I hit the craft store and came home with a plethora of items from the paper crafting section. Sitting down with my tools I worked up about 5 rough drafts before I finally got one that worked! You can get Bearings at Amazon for $8 but if you don’t want to wait, or purchase something you might never, ever have any other use for, this particular DIY Fidget Spinner tutorial is for you!

You will need:

Hot glue Drinking Straws Stapler brackets Card paper Scissors
Once complete you’ve got a handy DIY fidget spinner without any of those special order skate bearings. All it takes to a trip to the craft store, or if you’re particularly crafty, maybe even just a visit to your craft stash!
my daughter is now enjoying having a new diy toy. i’ve teached since she was born the values of diy stuff and this is the kind of things that keep her thinking in this way. why wasting money on stuffs we can do ourself. people like you help us raise our kids in a sane way.
Deborah Jalbert

I made these with 2 of my grandchildren and they loved it! I found it easier to use a small piece of 18 gauge wire through the center and placed a bead to each end. You must secure one side first then run the wire through the center, place bead then twist wire with needle nose pliers allowing enough space to spin freely. Worked great!!



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