DIY Clay Lace Print Bowl

Oct 14, 2016 | Art & Crafts | 39 comments

These lace print bowls are so easy to make, and you can use them for all sorts of things from jewelry to keys!
Cute & SO easy! This is a great project that you can make with your kids that require NO special skills!
We used air drying clay – as it is something you can easily get hold of and use in the home or the class room. My older niece is just 6.5yrs old. So she is still quite young. And she LOVE using it and I think it is a great opportunity for her to learn about it’s properties.
If you haven’t tried air drying clay with kids yet, i highly recommend it to you.  Here’s how we did it and everything you’ll need to get started.

You’ll need:

One medium sized bowl
A baking sheet or wax paper
Fabric lace doily
A rolling pin
White Air Dry Clay DAS
Paint Brush
Clay Water Based Gloss Varnish


Take your air dry clay and roll it into a ball, you need to work this in your hands to keep it warm and easy to manipulate.
Then, start rolling out the clay on a baking sheet or wax paper.

The clay should be rolled out to a thickness of 3-4mm. Take your doily, and place it where you want on the plate, it can be half or all over it. Then take your rolling pin again and gently roll the doily into the clay to leave an imprint.

Gently peel the lace doily away from the clay. Turn a bowl over and place it over the clay. Using a knife, trim away any excess clay from the perimeter.

Now slowly press the clay into a bowl to form it’s shape and leave it to dry. After 5 hours gently remove it and lie it upside down to keep the air circulating around the bowl and leave it overnight to properly set.. Use a nail file to smooth the edges.

Now give it a light coat of paint, you can use any color you like or seal it with Clay Water Based Gloss Varnish.
 I personally prefer to keep it white, however, I’m sure it would look just as cute painted gold or sprayed painted in another color. Enjoy!!



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