As Tania and I were busy doing what we love, we we’re met with what seemed to be disturbing news. The previous studio we were renting was being sold. After consideration to match or meet the price, we decided the studio house had too many issues that would disturb our work. With this devlopment we began searching for a new building. The stars somehow aligned, and we are now situated this wonderful office where we create and organise our ART Studio.

I made the decision to flip-flop what was originally the traditional living room (which is now our creative room) and the study because the lighting in the study was so serene and peaceful.

I’m obsessed with picking up unusual trinkets that give a home personality, so you can probably imagine how many favorite pieces I have around!

Our new location is perfect for gathering friends for dinners, craft nights, DIY projects and parties. My dreams have come alive. A place where Tania and I have our unique rooms to work. A place where I sit down and do all the creative things and DIY projects. I’m sure our ART Studio will continue to evolve over the years, but I’m so happy with how far its come in this short time.


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