How we dress has long been an indicator of social status, occupation, or position. Take for example the saying “well-heeled” as a reference to the upper class, or the shorthand “slip-shod” to talk about poor craftsmanship. When you look at these phrases, you can see how our shoes and the status they bring became a huge part of everyday fashion. But where can you buy custom shoes? Or better yet, how can you design your own sneakers?

Girotti is a place where you can design your own shoes online. This website offers a slick, simplified way to design your own shoes to factory-specific standards. The pricing is competitive, and the application is easy to use. All you have to do is click on the Customize button and choose your style:

Choose a Material and Color for every part of Your Shoes

Choose Your Favorite Shoe Style

Choose from the possible soles with Different Form and Height



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