DIY halloween decorations

by | Sep 1, 2018 | Halloween DIYs, Holiday DIYs

Halloween is a great time for decorating. Many people spend days, not to mention a small fortune, making their homes look scary and fun. The truth is that you don’t really have to spend a fortune on Halloween decor. The powerful spooky decor that one would be able to realize from inexpensive materials can really change everything. Use our ideas and your crafty skills to make one-of-a-kind decorations. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood and save a lot of money.

DIY Spider Web  Halloween decor

It would make for a great Halloween decoration indeed and is something that works both indoors and outside. There are a couple of ways you can go on this one. You can either create that ultra-messy and intricately spooky look with a crazy web design or go for the more modern, clean and colorful look. It all depends on the theme that you are going for. The first step is to pick the points where the skeleton arms of the web and this will determine the size of your spider web. Pick wider points if you wish to create a really large and complex design. From here on, you start with neatly adding the web rings to the basic outline. Creating a spider’s web like this takes just a few hours and is a great DIY Halloween idea to share with your kids.

DIY Halloween Wreath

I love the Nightmare Before Christmas, but can’t seem to find many themed decorations that I like. So I decided to make this wreath for Halloween…it came out better than I expected! I must say, im pretty proud of this one! I had a lot of the items needed for this project on hand, so it was super cheap to make too! Every holiday deserves a wreath and they are so easy to make that you really should have one for Halloween. You can hang wreaths on the front door or just anywhere that you want a little extra spook going on.

DIY Potted Plant Toppers

Add a spooky silhouette to your Halloween Potted Plants!  Halloween is right around the corner, and i have the perfect last minute DIY. Simple toppers that are super easy to make. All you need are Pumpkin free printables and an Xacto knife (or a Cricut cutting machine, or a friend with one, to make it even faster!). Pick your favourite or mix and match.  All you need to do is print it out and cut out the shapes, or load them onto your Cricut design program and print onto cardstock.
Additionally, I’ve challenged myself not to buy any new decorations or “stuff” for the party this year, so I have been trying to come up with projects to use up my already oversized stash of supplies. There isn’t much space left in my house when I’ve finished putting up my Halloween decorations, but there was one wall that needed a good Halloween Garland.   If you run late or if you just feel you can still add a little something, here is a simple way to make a garland! It’s a perfect family craft…so get your kids involved! Who’s ready to get crafty? Here’s a step by step tutorial:
You’ve noticed, of course, the beautiful fabric pumpkins featured all over blogland, yes? Me too! And I want some! Want to learn how to make a Fabric Pumpkins? You’re in luck! I’ve got a great tutorial to share that will show you how to make these cute and colorful fabric pumpkins! They make the cutest little center-piece on my dining room table. I think I’ll make a couple for my friends (just for fun.)



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